Everything You Need to Know About the New ‘Tabs’ Feature in macOS Sierra

Everything You Need to Know About the New 'Tabs' Feature in macOS Sierra
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More often than not, anyone who works on a computer has multiple tabs open in their internet browser at any given moment. Tabs are what help users stay organized without tons of windows overlaying or popping up every time you click a link or want to view a new page. Tabs have become exceptionally helpful for web browsing activities. So why shouldn’t tab functionality exist elsewhere?

Introducing Tabs in Sierra, one of the newest features included in the latest version of macOS. ‘Tabs’ is optimized to work with Apple apps (including Maps, Mail, and TextEdit), Apple’s iWork apps (including Keynote, Numbers, and Pages), and third-party apps.  You can event set your preferences to have new content be opened in a new tab as opposed to a new window, too.


Using this tabs feature is simple. It is already built into Apple apps, but for third party apps simply select Window > Merge All Windows. Doing so will place all open windows from that app into their own tabbed versions in one window. Then, users can rearrange the tabs how they like, or extract a tab to its own window by either clicking and dragging or selecting Move Tab to New Window.

But that’s not all that’s exciting about the latest installment of macOS. There’s also Apple Pay in Safari, Siri on Mac, iCloud Desktop and Documents, and much more. Currently, Safari for macOS is in its finishing and polishing stages, only released to the public for beta testing in early July, with an official release set for this coming fall.

Please note: all of the steps, changes, and features noted here are based off of the public beta release of macOS Sierra. Therefore, please keep in mind that some of these features and functionality may change for the official release.

Have you tried ‘Tabs’ within macOS Sierra? Let us know what you thought of the new feature in the comments below.

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