Did You Know You Could Ask Siri All of These Funny Things?

If you want your iPhone to give you a chuckle, here are some fun things you can ask Siri.
iPhone Siri Credit: Wachiwit / Shutterstock
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Siri can easily help you set reminders, search for stuff online, or open apps without even touching your iPhone. But what’s cooler is Siri’s sense of humor.

Ever since Siri was released, iPhone users have used one of the most powerful virtual assistants to ask silly and funny questions. The best part is that Siri can answer most questions with witty and funny answers. 

If you want your iPhone to give you a chuckle, here are some fun things you can ask Siri. 

Funny Things to Ask Siri

Siri has a really funny sense of humor, and you can ask Siri for jokes or funny stuff, and Siri will not disappoint. 

These are some of the things you can ask Siri:

  1. Hey Siri, tell me a joke.
  2. Hey Siri, tell me a knock-knock joke.
  3. Hey Siri, what’s zero divided by zero?
  4. Hey Siri, beatbox for me.
  5. Hey Siri, sing me a song.
  6. Hey Siri, tell me a story.
  7. Hey Siri, how much do you earn?
  8. Hey Siri, how much do you cost?
  9. Hey Siri, testing 1, 2, 3.

Siri has a lot of jokes and witty comebacks for you to explore. As a bonus, you can also ask Siri to flip a coin or roll a die for you. Those aren’t funny at all, but they’re helpful when you need them.

Siri Knows Popular References

Siri is a smart virtual assistant who knows a lot about everything, including popular references. You can ask Siri for references to The Matrix, Game of Thrones, and even Harry Potter (but we’ll talk about that in a moment).

Try asking Siri these questions:

  1. Hey Siri, would you take the red pill or the blue pill?
  2. Hey Siri, do you follow the three laws of robotics?
  3. Hey Siri, is Jon Snow Dead?
  4. Hey Siri, is winter coming?
  5. Hey Siri, I am your father.
  6. Hey Siri, what does the fox say?
  7. Hey Siri, I see a little silhouette of a man.
  8. Hey Siri, mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
  9. Hey Siri, are you Her?
  10. Hey Siri, where is Elvis Presley?

Siri Can Cast Harry Potter Spells

Believe it or not, Siri is a wizard. If you tell Siri some Harry Potter spells, you can open apps or even turn on your flashlight. 

Here are some Harry Potter spells you can cast with Siri:

  1. Hey Siri, Lumos (Turns on flashlight).
  2. Hey Siri, Nox (Turns off flashlight).
  3. Hey Siri, Accio [app name] (Opens an app).

The Accio spell doesn’t work as well as the others, but you can still open apps like Spotify, Whatsapp, and Gmail. If you want, you can even create your own custom spells by using the Shortcuts app.

Ask Siri, “Who’s the Best?”

Siri can also get a bit cocky, especially when you ask her to name the best products in the tech world. As you can expect, Siri is a huge Apple fan, but it also has good things to say about the competition like Alexa.

  1. Hey Siri, what do you think of Alexa?
  2. Hey Siri, are you Alexa?
  3. Hey Siri, what’s the best operating system?
  4. Hey Siri, what’s the best phone?
  5. Hey Siri, what’s the best virtual assistant?
  6. Hey Siri, what’s the best computer?
  7. Hey Siri, what’s the best watch?

Get Romantic with Siri

Believe it or not, you can get romantic and personal with Siri. And we do mean just you because Siri will turn you down almost immediately. Still, there’s nothing funnier—or sadder, depending on how you look at it—than being rejected by your own virtual assistant. 

The best part is that it won’t make things awkward when you want to ask Siri another question.

  1. Hey Siri, I love you.
  2. Hey Siri, do you love me?
  3. Hey Siri, will you go out on a date with me?
  4. Hey Siri, will you marry me?
  5. Hey Siri, do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  6. Hey Siri, talk dirty to me.

Have Fun with Siri

There are many things you can ask Siri if you just want to have fun with it. Sure, these things won’t make you more productive or help you master your iPhone, but it’s good to know that Apple and Siri have enough sense of humor to answer even our silliest requests.

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