AT&T’s Month-to-Month iPhone 6s Plan Explained


If you’re looking for a more comprehensive, GSM alternative to Verizon or Sprint, a good choice just might be AT&T Wireless.

Also touting the nation’s most robust network, AT&T covers over 97 percent of the United States, and, even more, their network is double-infused with 4G, HSPA+/LTE goodness. This basically means that, in addition to the fast LTE standard first brought stateside by Verizon, AT&T also offers an extra layer of HSPA+ connectivity, effectively enhancing the telecom giant’s network and broadband capacity by leaps and bounds. AT&T, like Verizon, tends to be on the most expensive side of the coin. But their handsets are cheaper to own, per month, and so you’re definitely getting what you pay for — comprehensive coverage on perhaps one of the nation’s most enhanced network experiences.

November's iPhone 6s Winner Announced!Plans on AT&T currently range from 300 MB to 50 GB of shared data, for $20 to $375, respectively, and all that’s in between. Plans are inclusive of unlimited talk, text, and MMS for extra value, too, and it’s important to note that, although AT&T’s data runs a bit more than Verizon’s, for example, the company’s “shared plans” include both voice minutes and text, as well. So just keep that in mind.

iPhones on AT&T are subject to the same month-to-month pricing as the others, with the entry level 6s ranging from $21.67 to $28.34 per month, and the higher-tier 6s Plus ranging from $25.00 to $31.67 per month — based on storage capacity, of course.

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