Apple TV Remote’s Home Button Just Changed in tvOS 13 – Here’s the Fix

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Like many iPhones and iPads, there has always been a Home button on the Apple TV that takes you back to the Home screen. But in tvOS 13, it’s no longer really a Home button.

Apple quietly changed the functionality of the Home button in tvOS 13 — and it’s a bit of an annoying change. Luckily, there’s an easy way to change it back.

Apple’s Quiet Change

If you’ve downloaded tvOS 13 to your Apple TV, you may have noticed Apple’s quiet change. If not, here’s the gist of it.

The Home button on the Apple TV remote will take you to Apple’s newly redesigned Apple TV app, instead of the traditional Home screen.

That’s likely because Apple wants to promote the Apple TV app as the “home” for all of your content — from third-party channels to the company’s upcoming Apple TV+ service.

But, of course, the Home button has always been an easy way to get back to your Apple TV’s app grid without needing to press the Back button multiple times. Apple’s change doesn’t really make much sense.

How to Change It Back

If you’re used to the way the Apple TV remote worked in the past, this is likely an annoying change. But don’t worry, it’s actually pretty easy to change it back.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your Apple TV. (It’ll appear as a Gear icon.)
  2. Navigate to Remotes and Devices.
  3. Scroll down to the Home Button option in this new menu.
  4. Click on Home Button. This will change its functionality back to normal.

That’s pretty much it — your remote’s Home button will now properly take you back to the Home screen.

It’s worth noting that clicking on the Home button icon again back in Settings will map the Apple TV app to the Home button.

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