Apple Will Unveil iOS 14 Today (Here’s How to Watch the WWDC ’20 Keynote)

Which iPhones and iPads Will Support iOS 14? Credit: DANIEL CONSTANTE / Shutterstock
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Take an extra-long work break today as Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 starts at 10 a.m. PT.

Unlike previous years which required a $1,600 ticket, the 2020 developer’s meeting is free. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the conference is being streamed online in an all-digital format. You can watch it here, below.

Apple is kicking off the week-long conference with a keynote speech that is available for everyone to watch. Whether you have an iPhone, a Mac, or an Apple TV, Apple has made it possible for you to follow the presentation.

How to Watch WWDC

The easiest way to watch the keynote is via YouTube below, or on Apple’s homepage, where the keynote speech already is featured front and center. You can access it through any web browser — mobile or desktop.

Just follow the homepage link to launch the live stream once it has started.

Developers will have access to the keynote and all other conference events through the developer portal and the developer app. You can also find the stream by opening the Apple Events app on Apple TV.

What We Expect

WWDC is a developer conference, so the keynote should be chock full of information about Apple’s upcoming software updates.

Apple likely will focus on iOS 14, which will be unveiled today and debut this fall.

Rumors suggest Apple may be adding a new Home screen layout, a revamped augmented reality app, new multitasking features, and more to iOS.

iOS also may be renamed to iPhoneOS as the iOS platform splinters into a version for the iPhone and the iPad.

Apple also may announce new versions of macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. watchOS may see a handful of significant changes with support for sleep tracking and stress management.

We may also see some hardware announcements but they are usually just an add-on. Rumors suggesting that Apple may talk about the addition of ARM-powered Macs to their lineup in the future.

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