9 Things You Are Doing Wrong on Your iPhone

9 Things You Are Doing Wrong on Your iPhone
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Most people consider their iPhone to be one of their most precious possessions and if you are like most people, then your iPhone is your baby. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that you are not treating your phone as well as you should be. Check out some of the top things you may be doing wrong with your iPhone that you might not even realize.

1. Extreme Temperatures


Although it’s nice to take your iPhone to the beach to use as a radio, your iPhone actually isn’t meant to withstand extreme temperatures. Using your iPhone outside when it’s less than 32 degrees or over 95 degrees can drain the battery or even shut it off temporarily. Try keeping your iPhone off and away from the elements when you are in extreme temperatures.

2. Screen Brightness


Most people will have their default setting for their screen to the maximum setting. However, when you set your iPhone screen to the brightest setting it can drain your battery life. Make sure you set your screen to a lower light level when you don’t need to use it in order to conserve your battery throughout the day.

3. Keeping your iPhone on all day


If you love your iPhone as much as most people do, then you probably never shut it off. Experts say that leaving your iPhone on and idle will stress and degrade the battery over time. If you want to make sure your iPhones stays in top condition for as long as possible, try to use it periodically and shut it off for periods during the day.

4. Push Notifications


Before every app is installed it will ask you if you want to allow for push notifications or not. It is recommended that you don’t allow for push notifications unless you absolutely have to. Push notifications not only drain your battery life, but will drain your cellular data plan rather quickly. Cut back on which apps you allow to have push notifications when possible.

5. Charging your phone all night


Letting your iPhone charge overnight while you’re sleeping seems like a convenient way to ensure you always have a full battery right? Wrong. Charging your iPhone for too long can damage your battery over time and actually make the battery die quicker. Your battery will probably will operate the best if you take it off the charger before it hits 100 percent. Try to charge it during the day so you can unplug it once it’s fully charged, or better yet use an outlet that will shut of with a timer.

6. Bluetooth and WiFi


Most iPhone users will perpetually have the Wi-Fi on and inquire about Wi-Fi passcodes at every chance possible. Turning Bluetooth on and using Wi-Fi to access the internet will save on data; however keeping these on all the time will also drain the battery. If you want to conserve your iPhone energy then shut the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off when you aren’t using it.

7. Not using an Apple Charger


There are many versions of iPhone chargers many of which aren’t manufactured by Apple. Although Apple chargers may be expensive, they are worth the investment. Using off-brand chargers can do some damage to your phone and fake chargers have even been known to cause explosions and fires. Apple has even launched a USB Power Adapter Takeback Program which takes counterfeit chargers and offers a discount for real Apple Chargers. It will be worth it for every iPhone user to invest in a genuine Apple Charger.

8. Not Cleaning your iPhone


Seldom do people think about how dirty your iPhone can get. Your iPhone is one of the most germ filled things you have with you at any given time. Most people are on their iPhone constantly, touching it with their hands, breathing on it, and even sneezing near it. Apple experts recommend that you use a soft lint-free cloth in order to clean your iPhone. There are also advertised products that will use UV lights to sanitize your iPhone. Cleaning your iPhone is good practice to minimize germs as much as possible.

9. Passcode Protection


According to Apple, half of all iPhone users do not lock their phones with a passcode. If you don’t have a passcode then you are more prone to having your identity stolen because your personal information is completely open and available for a pickpocket to take. Having a passcode on your iPhone is the easiest way to protect your privacy from potential theft.

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