6 Tips & Tricks to Help You Master Email on Your iPhone or iPad

6 Tips & Tricks to Help You Master Email on Your iPhone or iPad
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Being able to send, receive, and organize your email inbox(es) on iOS is an achievement, by all measures.. But did you also know there are so many ways you can enhance, expedite, or even streamline the experience even more?

Check out this list of our personal favorite, most useful tips and tricks to help you master your mobile email experience on iOS, so you can start emailing like a pro in no time!

1. Easily Attach Files

It used to be quite the hassle to attach documents and files to Mail messages, however, thanks to certain advancements in iOS, doing so is now easier than ever before.

When you want to attach a photo, video, document, or other file to an outgoing email, you can simply press-hold in the message, and then select Add Attachment.

Depending on the file size, you should the able to attach via the aforementioned press-hold method. However, for larger files then your mail provider is willing to dispatch, you can also use MailDrop — a unique feature that will send your contacts a direct, web-based link to just download the attachment themselves.

2. Recover Deleted Drafts

Perhaps you’ve typed out an email but aren’t quite ready to send it out yet. So you save it in your Drafts folder until a later time, but, for whatever reason, it accidentally gets deleted somewhere along the line.

Well, don’t sweat the small stuff because there’s a way to recover that deleted message! Simply press-hold your finger on the Compose button (the square with a pencil at the bottom of the screen), and if the message is recoverable, it should show up in the following menu for easy editing and quick dispatch.

3. Use Touch ID to Access Emails

Just for the record, this feature is only available for select 3rd party email apps, such as Outlook or CloudMagic. However, if you’re one of the more private types of people out there, having Touch ID access to your email may be a valuable tool for you. That way, should your iPhone ever slip into the hands of an unknown, untrusted entity, they won’t be able to go in and read your emails.

4. Designate VIPs

Have you ever gone in and turned off notifications for incoming emails? Personally, those constant notifications do tend to get a bit under my skin, too — but that’s why I’ve clearly designated VIPs in the iOS Mail app.

So now, when someone of interest that I’ve been waiting to hear from send me an email, notifications will still come in — but only when one of the few people (VIPs) I’ve designated send one my way, of course.

To create your own list of VIPs, simply tap on VIP from the mailbox view list. If you don’t see VIP on the list, you can alternatively tap on Edit to add the category to your mailbox list.. Once you’ve selected the VIP category, simply tap on the blue information icon, and then start adding VIPs to your list.

Finally, tap to select VIP Alerts — which will redirect you to Settings > Notifications > Mail > VIP, in order to create special notification alerts for each of your contacts boasting VIP status.

5. Mark Up, Handwrite On Your Attachments

Want to send a photo to one of your email contacts, but a certain part of you wants to doctor it up a little bit prior to sending it off? No problem! When you attach a photo to your email, simply press-hold on it, and watch as the ‘Markup’ option seemingly comes to life right before your eyes.

From this menu of options — only available to iOS Mail users, you can then write, draw, scribble, or mark-up the photo to your heart’s desire.

6. Move Deleted Messages Back to Inbox

Have you ever received an email that you subsequently erased, perhaps on accident, but that you really wanted to keep in your inbox for future reference? That’s not a problem, either!

By navigating to the Trash or All Mail folders (depending on where your recently deleted emails go by default), you can easily search for the deleted message, and then with it pulled up on your screen, simply tap on the Folder icon > Inbox, and your email will be reverted to its original location.

What’s your favorite tip for mastering Mail on iOS? Do you use iOS Mail or a 3rd party email client?
Let us know in the comments!

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