6 Easy Ways to Sell Your Used iPhone

6 Easy Ways to Sell Your Used iPhone
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The iPhone 6s is coming and Apple fans are undoubtedly ecstatic for its release. Most consumers are eagerly awaiting the moment they’ll get their hands on the next-generation device, and so are you. You want to trade up to the iPhone 6s but you are wondering, “What will I do with my old iPhone?”

iPhone 6 Plus 1

The truth is, not everyone is dying to have the newest iPhone. There are plenty of iPhone lovers who are happy to have last year’s device, or even the year’s prior device, and they want to buy yours.
These consumers are also looking to save money, which is the greatest aspect of buying used electronics. Buyers can save money by purchasing used products through third-party vendors, or even straight from you! Either way, if you’ve kept your old device in tip-top shape, you’ll rake in plenty of cash.

Used iPhone buyers are looking for phones in like-new condition. Cracked screens, broken cameras, and bad batteries are a sure-fire way to depreciate your device’s value tremendously. However, even damaged phones could be worth money.

If your old device is in working condition and you’d like to earn money to help finance that brand new iPhone 6s, there are multiple ways to accomplish this. Check out some options below, which vary in ease and payout capacities.

Where to Sell Your iPhone Online


Amazon is a fantastic online resource for selling your iPhone. Amazon will pay out over $100 dollars more than Best Buy for an iPhone 6 Plus. Amazon will offer your payment in the form of a gift-card that can be used on any product in Amazon’s marketplace, including that shiny new iPhone 6s you’ve been waiting for. To trade in your iPhone for an Amazon gift card, click here.


Gazelle is one of the longest running and most reputable smartphone-buying entities. Gazelle will offer a fair market value for your device and even send you a prepaid shipping envelope to mail-in your device. To trade in your iPhone for a check, click here.


eBay is one of our favorite resources to buy and sell iPhones. If you haven’t used eBay before, be warned eBay does have a higher learning curve than the aforementioned options, but the effort is certainly worth the reward.

People who sell their devices on eBay with attractive images, honest descriptions, at a fair price will earn much more money. This is because you are essentially cutting out the middleman and earning the profits for yourself. Buyers will bid on your device for a specified length of time. The device will be sold to the highest bidder after the timer ends. To place your iPhone up for auction on eBay, click here.

Where to Sell Your iPhone In-Store

EcoATMeco atm

EcoATM is unbelievably more simple and straightforward than Gazelle. EcoATM is found within shopping malls across the United States, which makes selling your iPhone exceptionally convenient. EcoATM will even accept broken phones in case your old device suffered a nasty fall. If you’re not willing to wait, and need cash now, EcoATM is a great choice to sell your iPhone locally. Click here to learn more about EcoATM.

Wal-Mart or Targetwalmart

Wal-Mart or Target will likely be your most convenient options for trading in your old device. Wal-Mart offers a competitive trade in price, close to the payment you’d expect from Gazelle. The catch is that Wal-Mart will only offer a Wal-Mart gift card in exchange for your old device.

The same policy goes for Target customers as well. Trading in your iPhone to Target will yield a smaller payout than Wal-Mart. For an iPhone 6 Plus this equates to a difference of about eight dollars. Click here to learn more about Wal-Mart’s trade-in program or click here to learn more about Target’s trade-in program.

Best Buybestbuy

Best Buy offers a program similar to Wal-Mart and Target. They’ll issue you a gift-card for in-store purchases in exchange for your iPhone. Unlike Wal-Mart or Target, where you could spend the gift card on groceries if you chose to, Best Buy gift card can only be spent on electronics. If you plan to use the card in it’s entirety for tech products, Best Buy could be a better deal for you. Best Buy will offer you about $50 dollars more than the previously mentioned retail giants for an iPhone 6 Plus. Click here to learn more about Best Buy’s iPhone trade-in program.

As you can see, selling your iPhone has many factors to consider. Have peace of mind knowing that all of the aforementioned buyers are reputable and can yield a great return on your used iPhone. If you’re willing to exercise patience and learn a few tricks-of-the-trade, eBay is a wonderful service that, done right, will yield you the most money. Amazon will also offer you a large sum of money for your iPhone, and is easier than eBay. If the online trade-in programs stress you out, and you need fast cash, the EcoATM might be your best bet.

No matter which of these routes you choose, selling your old device will put your on the right track to owning the alluring next-generation iPhone 6s.

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