5 Storage Hacks: How to Make Room on Your iPhone or iPad

5 Storage Hacks: How to Make Room on Your iPhone or iPad

Let’s face it, you can never have too much room on your iPhone.

Nowadays, we use our iPhone or iPad for almost everything, from a digital camera, to music player, to record keeper; our Apple devices really carry our entire world. It may be frustrating for the average user to keep everything on their iPhone without running out of room at some point.

storage1Don’t worry; we have uncovered a few ways that you can make some extra storage space with these simple hacks. Here we review the five simplest ways you can metaphorically trim the fat off of your iPhone or iPad.

Rarely Used Apps

storage2We all have apps that we don’t use every day. It may be hard to delete that Trivia Crack game you haven’t played in 3 months, but in the long run it will be more of a space saver than you think. Basically, if you have apps that you don’t use, lose it! Our advice to you is to go through and delete all of the apps you rarely use and get rid of them. Want to see what apps are taking up the most space?

• Click Settings
• Open up General
• Go to Usage
• Click on Manage Storage

From here you can see which apps are taking up the most space on your iPhone or iPad. To make it even easier, you have the option to delete these apps directly from that list.

Removing Old Texts

storage4When it comes to texting, we admit the messages always hold a little sentimental and practical value. Sometimes we love to read through our old messages and reminisce on things a loved one has told us, look up an important address a friend sent us, or read something funny from a group chat. However, unless you really love a conversation or a special message, you can make room on your iPhone or iPad by getting rid of the backlog of your texts. You can make sure that your text storage is clean by:

• Opening up Settings
• Tapping on Messages
• Click on Keep Messages

• Choose the appropriate section of how long you want to keep your texts for (we recommend 30 days for the most storage space)
This will ensure that you don’t have to manually delete your texts when you are feeling pressed for storage on your iPhone or iPad.


storage5Let’s be honest; how many times do you listen to a voicemail after you’ve heard it the first time (or at all for that matter)? You always have the option to save the best and sweetest voicemails for listening to again, but if you don’t really need the voicemail, our advice to you is to delete it once and for all. If you want to do this:

• Click on the Phone app
• Go to the Voicemail tab at the very right hand corner
• Click on Edit at the top
• Select the voicemails you want to delete.


storage6Podcasts are a great and unique way to stay informed, entertained, and educated. If you are like many Apple iPhone and iPad users, you have subscribed to a few podcasts. However, once you have listened to a podcast, is there really a need to keep it around hogging up storage on your iPhone or iPad? The best thing to do is to delete all those episodes of Serial and make room for new podcast episodes. To do this:

• Go to Settings
• Select Podcasts
• Select Delete Played Episodes

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