5 iPad Pro Keyboard Shortcuts to Boost Productivity

5 iPad Pro Keyboard Shortcuts to Boost Productivity Credit: ZoneofTech
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Apple commonly markets the iPad Pro as a replacement for a laptop — and they’re not wrong. Combined with an external keyboard, an iPad Pro is a worthy competitor to many of today’s leading tablet-notebook hybrids. Adding further to its usefulness as a computer is the fact that the iPad Pro shares many of the same handy keyboard shortcuts as the Mac. Here are five that you should know.

5. Take a Screenshot

Just like on a Mac, holding down Command + Shift + 3 on the iPad Pro takes a picture of your current screen. The only real difference is that, instead of ending up on your desktop, the screenshots are conveniently saved to your iPad Pro’s camera roll.

4. Edit and Format Text Like a Pro

You can easily style your text while typing on an iPad Pro with a variety of keyboard shortcuts. For example, highlight a portion of text and hit Command + B to bold it, Command + I to italicize it, or Command + U to underline it.

Hold down Command and use the + or keys to increase and decrease the text size (respectively). Command + C and Command + V are the shortcuts for copy and paste, also respectively.

On a similar note, when editing text, you can hit the Esc key to bring up and hide the iPad Pro’s touch keyboard — perfect for adding emoji into your text, or using an app that installs its own custom keyboard.

3. Open up the App Switcher

Use Command + Tab to open up the app switcher — another handy Mac port. Once it’s open, keep Command held down and use the Tab key to quickly switch between apps. Once you release the Command key, the iPad will switch to the app you’ve highlighted.

2. Open Spotlight

Holding down Command + Space will bring up the Spotlight bar. From here, you can search for contacts, apps, music, emails and iMessages, locations (to use in Maps), information on the web, and a lot more. If your desired result is first in the list, just hit Enter. Otherwise, you can use the iPad Pro’s arrow keys to select the result you want.

1. Find even more Keyboard Shortcuts

Perhaps the handiest iPad Pro keyboard shortcut to keep in mind (and really one of the only ones that it doesn’t share with the Mac) is a long press of the Command key. Holding down this key for a second brings up a contextual overlay which lets you know the keyboard shortcuts available in the specific app that you’re using.

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