5 Incredibly Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Didn’t Know

5 Incredibly Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Didn't Know
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Mac users may already know that Command+C is the shortcut for copying and Command+V allows you to paste, but there are a host of other keyboard shortcuts that you perhaps didn’t know you needed, until now.

Here’s a roundup of five helpful Mac keyboard shortcuts that we’ve compiled for your convenience:

1. Option + Shift + (Volume Up or Volume Down)

This handy keyboard shortcut allows you to raise or lower the volume on your Mac in smaller increments so you can fine-tune your audio experience. The same goes for adjusting your screen brightness (i.e. Option+Shift and Brightness Up or Down).

2. Command + Option + H + M

Use this shortcut to hide every window and program you currently have up and go to your desktop home screen.

3. Command + W

Quickly close the window you’re currently on. If you have three windows up, holding Command and pressing W three times in succession will close all your windows.

4. Command + Control + D

This keyboard shortcut allows you to quickly find the meaning of words. Just bring your mouse cursor over the word you’re puzzling over, click twice to highlight, and execute the above shortcut to get its dictionary definition.

5. Command + L

When you’re in Safari, use this shortcut to jump to the browser address bar. The current URL will be highlighted so you can start typing a new browser address right away.

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