5 Battery Saving Tips for iPhone and iPad

5 Battery Saving Tips for iPhone and iPad

Everyone knows the sinking feeling when your iPhone or iPad has a dying battery. In fact, most people are lucky if their iOS device makes it to the end of the day without losing all of its battery charge.

Fortunately for us iPhone and iPad fanatics, Apple has added some new features in the latest iOS update to make sure that your battery will last longer than ever.

Check out these five tips we have complied that will conserve power and cut down on battery drain.

1. Low Power Mode

ios_battery2For the easiest and best way to conserve your battery, you may want to turn on Low Power Mode. This will reduce some of your device’s functions like auto checking your mail, background app refresh, as well as turning off some visual effects.

This feature will automatically appear when your battery is at 20% and 10%, but you can still turn this on manually by following these simple steps:

  • Open up Settings
  • Go to Battery
  • Switch on Low Power Mode

The battery icon in the upper right hand corner will now be yellow instead of green and will automatically turn off once your battery is charged back up to 80%.

2. Check Out Battery Draining Apps

ios_battery3A lot of your favorite apps that you use throughout the day can be draining the power out of your iPhone or iPad. One of the newest updates with iOS 9 is the ability to check and see which apps are sucking up all your battery.

A lot of the times the most draining apps are built in features such as Settings or Home & Lock Screen. However, you can check and see which third party apps you may want to consider turning off or even getting rid of for good.

  • Open up Settings.
  • Go to Battery.
  • Scroll down to the bottom.
  • You will see at the bottom of this screen the percentages of the battery that these apps are using as well as how long these apps have been open.
  • From here you can get an idea of what apps you’d like to delete, or use less often, to increase your battery life.

3. Turn off apps that use Cellular Data

ios_battery4Some apps that you have open and running are actually using your cellular connection to run. Although this is pretty neat, it can ultimately be a huge drain to your battery life. You can check out which apps are doing this by doing these actions:

  • Open up Settings
  • Click on Cellular
  • Scroll down to Use Cellular Data For

You will see the apps that are using cellular data in order to work. You have the option to toggle on or off these apps and they will only connect to the internet when you are on a Wi-Fi connection.

4. Disable Auto Brightness

ios_battery5In iOS 9 there is something called “Auto Brightness” which will either increase or reduce the brightness of your screen based on the lighting around you. This feature is great for when you need your iPhone or iPad in the dark for reading, but otherwise it may not always be necessary.

In fact, iOS 9’s auto brightness is one of the ways that your battery is drained without you knowing it. If you want to turn this feature off, just do the below steps:

  • Open up Settings
  • Click on Display & Brightness

From here you have the option to turn off auto-brightness, as well as manually reduce the brightness between 10 to 25 percent depending on how bright you want your screen as a default.

5. Reduce Auto-Lock Period

ios_battery6Not everyone may know this, but the time it takes to auto-lock on your iPhone or iPad is one of the little things that can slowly take power away from your battery.

By reducing how long it takes for your iPhone or iPad to switch off its display can be something small that will help you conserve your battery in the long run. Some people have it take between one or two minutes for the display to turn off, which means the battery is running for the entire time the display is on. If you want to reduce this time simply:

  • Open Up Settings
  • Go to General
  • Click on Auto-Lock
  • Set this time to 30 seconds

You may also set this time to one minute, but we recommend you choose 30 seconds since a shorter time period is the most beneficial for conserving your iPhone or iPad battery life.

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