4 Very Important Tips from Former Apple Store Employees

4 Very Important Tips from Former Apple Store Employees
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Apple Stores are really cool places – From their overall design (complete with iconic glass staircases) to the extensive Genius Bar, to the array of Apple products, it’s easy to see why shoppers can spend hours browsing the shelves and testing the devices. But there are a few rules of the Apple Store that only former employees can share with you. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Do not treat the demo devices like they are yours.

Let’s get one thing straight: Apple readily makes their products available for testing by potential consumers so that they can determine whether or not Apple is right for them. From the overall design to the user interface, the devices help users get a first-hand experience of Apple. But these devices are not yours…meaning that you shouldn’t treat them as your personal computer or mobile phone. So doing extended amounts of work, holding Skype calls, or any other number of personal endeavors should be kept to your own devices. But it seems like employees get a good laugh out of customers changing the wallpapers on devices.

2. Remember, remember, remember your passwords!

This is a big one for Apple, especially because of their big focus on user security and privacy. So when frustrated users show up to the Apple Store and can’t remember their log in information, it makes whatever task is at hand, that much harder. It isn’t as though Apple employees can simply log in and retrieve your information from a database. It’s much more complicated than that. So be sure to remember your log in information, or keep it recorded somewhere safe.

3. Be nice and be honest.

This one goes back to the golden rule, so be nice to others, especially when those people are the ones you need help from the most. If you’re visiting an Apple Store due to a problem with your product or for some other matter, be courteous and upfront with the employees. And don’t try to lie to them, especially because they are the ones that know Apple products inside and out. After all, the Apple Genii don’t work based on commission, so they won’t be trying to upsell you or ‘pull one over’ on you. Plus, acting rude or entitled will just make you seem like an awful customer.

4. It helps to know an Apple employee.

An Apple employee isn’t an easy position to earn. And they’re highly valued by their company for their skill sets, demeanor, and overall passion for Apple. They’re even rewarded in some really cool ways! (Think rare Apple Watch bands, plaques signed by Tim Cook, and more) So it will actually help you a little bit to know an employee. Doing so will not only give you some very solid Apple advice; but if you are looking to work for the tech giant, a referral from an Apple employee can very likely help you secure an interview.

So next time you are visiting your local Apple Store, be sure to keep these helpful tips in mind to make for an awesome experience!

What have your experiences at Apple Stores been like thus far? Let us know in the comments!

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