4 Important Tips for Taking Care of Your Brand-New iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Credit: Hadrian / Shutterstock
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The most significant physical change to the iPhone 11 Pro is, of course, the new camera, which sports three large lenses. These camera lenses are capable of taking incredible shots, but if you’re like us, you may have winced a little at seeing just how vulnerable they look.

How are you supposed to protect the camera from dust, scratches, and the everyday life of an iPhone user – especially when all of the lenses must be exposed to work?

There’s never been a better time to learn about taking care of your iPhone. So we’re going through several important tips for cleaning and protecting that precious iPhone 11 Pro.

Install a High-Quality Lens Protector

If you want the best protection for your lenses, nothing will help more than lens protectors. These are accessories that fit over the lenses to protect them from damage and are available for all versions of the iPhone 11.

You have several options depending on what kind of protection you’re looking for and how much work you want to go through.

Lens Protectors

The best protectors like this Suptmax pack use small, contact lens-like glass coverings for each of the lenses. You have to be careful when attaching them and you may need to replace them in time when the glass becomes too worn, but they’re unobtrusive and will keep the lenses safe from scratches.

Other lens protectors are like faceplates that fit over the lenses. These are easier to install and take off for cleaning, but they don’t fit with all cases, and some can impact image quality.

Some iPhone cases will cover the lenses completely for protection, although those typically diminish image quality due to the distance from the lenses and the plastic (rather than glass) material used.

Invest in a Lens Cloth Pack

What do you use to clean an iPhone lens? The go-to material here is microfiber, which is soft enough to avoid scratching but also easy to clean with. A pack is affordable and a great way to clean not only the lenses, but your iPhone’s screen (and all of your other gadgets, too).

Clean the iPhone Gently When Necessary

Apple Iphone 11 Pro Matte Glass Back 0910191

Apple has a whole section on this if you’re curious, but in summary: the new iPhone 11 models are made with special glass that has a textured matte finish. It’s slip-resistant and makes the iPhone a little easier to hold, which is an advantage when it comes to snapping selfies. However, Apple admits that the textured surface can also get dirtier than a smooth surface, picking up grime, skin oils, and clothing particles. So, if you have a new iPhone 11 model, you may want to start cleaning it more frequently than you cleaned past iPhones. 

But what’s the right way to clean your phone? First, stay away from cotton swabs and Q-tips. Those are actually rough materials, and you want to use the softest cleaning tools possible to avoid any accidental damage to delicate components. The lens cloths we linked to above make a great starting point.

  1. When ready, turn off your iPhone and unplug anything attached, then remove the case.
  2. Use a small amount of water and clean the phone with a microfiber cloth.
  3. Pay close attention to all ridges, bumps and openings where dirt may linger.
  4. If you use a lens protector, clean it thoroughly.
  5. If your iPhone has some serious grime on it, maybe an incident with gum or caked-on mud, then it’s all right to use a little soapy water to tackle the more difficult areas as well.

Be Careful Where You Keep It

Iphone 11 Pro1

Finally – and this is very important if you aren’t using a lens protector – be careful where you keep your iPhone.

The iPhone 11 Pro is water resistant, but you should still try to keep it away from the mud and the rain.

Don’t get into a habit of holding your iPhone so that your fingers are always on the lenses, which makes skin flakes and oil pile up over time.

For very serious, long-term protection, you should also try to keep your iPhone out of your pocket as much as possible – the friction and lint in your pockets aren’t great for the lenses or charging port.

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