3 Ways to Live Stream the 2016 Summer Olympics on Your Apple TV

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With the 2016 Olympic Games set to kick off on August 5th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the world’s largest, most competitive assortment of sporting events is already shaping up to be perhaps the most controversial — yet, is poised to be one of the most widely streamed — sporting events in modern history.

NBC Universal is one of the biggest cable TV channels set to offer free live streaming of the event — and all of its 34 individual sports. However, you don’t need a cable TV subscription in order to watch and enjoy the whopping 4,500 hours of planned festivities; Apple TV users, in particular, will have the option of streaming the events live using either of the following apps!

1. NBC Sports

By far the easiest way to stream would be directly via the NBC Sports app. If you have a cable connection in addition to an Apple TV, you’ll be able to log in on the latter and stream to your heart’s desire. However, if you don’t have cable TV, unfortunately, you’ll only be able to stream 30 minutes of coverage — plus an additional 5 minutes per day, maximum.

To install NBC Sports on your Apple TV, simply head over to the tvOS App Store and type NBC in the search box — NBC sports should be among the first few options to choose from.

2. Sling TV

If a traditional, hard-wired cable TV service is out of the question, then you can always download and sign up for Sling TV. Sling is a fabulous live TV streaming service, offering up a multitude of plans to choose from — the least expensive of which would be the company’s $25/month ‘Blue package’ — which, ironically enough, just so happens to include NBC Sports among the total of 40 live channel offerings. You’ll also be able to enjoy live broadcasts of exclusive NBC events taking place all across the country — from Los Angeles to Miami, Forth Worth to Philadelphia, San Diego to New York, and many other locales in between.

3. Channels

Another option would be to download the new Channels app from the tvOS App Store. The downside of using Channels, however, is that, in order to retrieve live content beamed directly to your Apple TV via your home Wi-Fi network, you’ll have to run out and purchase one of these TV tuners, which will then allow you to stream both the Olympic Games and much more.. It’s a bit pricey of an investment, to be sure — however, it’s an investment that’s bound to save you a few bucks over standard cable every month, for sure.

Are you planning on tuning into the 2016 Olympic Games on your Apple TV? Let us know in the comments!

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