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Beginning in 2015, we ran our first iPhone giveaway in which Anni McLaughlin from New Mexico became the proud recipient of a free iPhone 6s. Since then, we’ve given away 12 iPhones, two of which were iPhone 7 Plus devices, as well as a set of Apple AirPods.

Our latest iPhone 7 Plus giveaway is ending this week, however the giveaway fun won’t stop there. Because of the interest shown in our giveaways, we’ve decided to up-the-ante to give away an incredible amount of Apple devices over the next several months.

Initial prizes include a 13” MacBook Pro, a 10.5” iPad Pro, AirPods, an Apple Watch, and an Apple TV. Future prizes include an iPhone 7s, an iPhone 8, Beats headphones, and even an Apple HomePod. See all of iDrop News’ Apple giveaways here.

Apple Giveaways

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