Top 3 Things We Wanted to See at Apple’s Special Event, But Didn’t

Top 3 Things We Wanted to See at Apple’s Special Event, But Didn’t
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Year after year, Apple introduces new products, or product refreshes, that captivate the minds and capture the hearts of millions of people around the world. And yet, even amidst all the clamor and excitement immediately following one of Apple’s signature media events, year after year, some of us are left in their midst, scratching our heads, perhaps wondering what all the fuss was about in the first place?

Hate it or love it, though, Apple is a company that’s not going away anytime soon. They’ll keep innovating, and they’ll keep releasing new products, and product refreshes, year after year, for many years to come..

But for what it’s worth, something felt ‘missing’ Wednesday morning.. No, it wasn’t Steve Jobs’ iconic “One more thing..” teaser; neither was it a dissatisfaction with the new MacBook Pro, in and of itself. But rather, there were a few aspects about Apple’s ‘Hello Again’ event that left me feeling, well, not so enthused..

1. MagSafe        

To be fair, we already knew that Apple killed off its iconic MagSafe adapter. And while the myriad of super-fast USB-C ports on the new MacBook Pro are abounding, not a single one of them has been outfitted, coated, or reinforced with something — anything — even remotely close in resemblance to Apple’s patented MagSafe technology. That would have been a very wise move on Apple’s end, if you ask me, especially considering how USB-C connectors can so easily slide into and out of their ports. Is this a make or break feature fumble on Apple’s end? Probably not in most people’s minds, no; but I can tell you, that it’ll also start to get frustrating plugging in your USB-C charging cable, rather than slapping on the MagSafe connector and letting it’s strong magnet do all of the work for you.

2. More Products

Don’t get me wrong, folks, that new MacBook Pro is, quite possibly, the machine to beat. It’s fast, it’s beautiful, and it’s advanced in ways even beyond the scope of my own understanding… But really — I mean, really — that’s it? We didn’t get a new iMac. No Mac mini refresh, no MacBook Air, and no other major product announcements, for that matter — not even a mention about Apple’s AirPods, even though we know what happened to those. We just got the MacBook Pro.. That’s — well, that’s just what we got — take it or leave it. For what it’s worth, though, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I wish there were more to talk about.

3. A More Affordable MacBook Pro

Yeah, umm, about that… Look, the MacBook Pro is gorgeous, and the technology employed within is powerful and intuitive — but the price is just way too high for my budget. Sure, Apple may have been quick to defend itself in regards to the MacBook Pro’s price, but the fact of the matter is Apple’s new top-tier laptop is simply too expensive for the majority of us. Fortunately, however, all you really have to do is wait a year or so for the next refresh to come out, and then the price will likely drop to be more in line with Apple’s 2015 MacBooks.

What would you have liked to have seen at Apple’s ‘Hello Again’ event? Let us know in the comments!

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