Conspiracy Theorists Are Blaming COVID-19 on 5G (What’s the Truth?)

Coronavirus 5G Conspiracy Fake or Real Credit: Ascannio / Shutterstock
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Conspiracy theories about the rise of coronavirus have sparked up all over the world: Did Bill Gates help orchestrate the virus so that he can vaccinate the population to his gain? Are the infection numbers being exaggerated for political purposes? Another theory that might surprise a lot of readers is the connection between 5G technology and the virus.

Where Did the 5G Conspiracy Come From?

The theory came to prominence when a conspiracy website called Les Moutons Enragés (translates to The Rabid Sheep) speculated that the wave spectrum 5G networks rely on has a relationship to the virus. Specifically, that infections were increasing as 5G towers were being erected in France.

It soon developed a more advanced theory, with a variety of possible speculative implications. What if the radiation created by the 5G network triggers the virus? What if the virus is attributed to attempts to depopulate the planet? What if popular conspiracy “boogeymen” like Monsanto or George Soros are funding these initiatives for evil exploits?

During the first month of the pandemic, the story ran under the radar for most. But as time went on, it spread across the country, albeit under the attention of news media.

How Does 5G Work?

5G is an addition to the network of frequencies that we rely upon every day. Except 5G can be significantly faster, stronger, and more reliable than older networks. It’s expected to allow for advanced connectivity between vehicles, devices, computers and much more. It relies on a broader spectrum of data, which means more exposure to radiation, albeit non-ionizing radiation – an important distinction.

Why Does This Theory Matter?

These theories inevitably lead to action in real life; specifically attempts to destroy cell towers across Europe and the United States with hopes of disseminating the virus’ presence and minimize infections.

In fact, the US Federal Emergency Management Agency had to make a statement about the theory, proclaiming that “5G technology does NOT cause coronavirus.”

And based on what we know about COVID-19, there is minimal evidence that correlates infections with 5G. The illness is from a virus, not radiation exposure. This is particularly reinforced by the fact that the virus is not limited to areas that have 5G, but spreads despite it. 

Why Do Conspiracy Theorists Care So Much About 5G?

This isn’t the first time that 5G has been the center of conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theorists have worried about the effects of cellular technology on the human body for years. And there may be some scientific merit for it.

Limited studies seem to imply that there can be negative effects on the human body, but decades of such studies have not been enough to fully confirm such a reality.

It will require significantly more research to confirm this as truth, and the research provided has not been enough to deter the United Nations from allowing 5G technologies to be built around the world. 

So there are certainly questions to be asked about 5G’s health effects, but it’s widely accepted that the dangers are nowhere near as detrimental as some conspiracy theorists might think. And it certainly has no affiliation with COVID-19. So we recommend not giving these theories your time, energy or consideration.

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