Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker with FM Radio – 64% OFF

Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker with FM Radio - 64% OFF
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Bluetooth Shower Speaker by Abco Tech – an incredible outdoor/indoor companion that lets you play music anywhere, anytime and takes entertainment to a whole new level. A speaker that allows you to play music for long hours without the need to worry about battery or power. It offers several advantages over traditional speakers:


Are the traditional speakers stopping you from listening to your favourite music while taking a shower, or when sitting outdoors and enjoying the drizzles? Not anymore! Abco Tech’s Bluetooth Shower Speakers are IPX4 Grade Waterproof and are designed to let you enjoy music even during such special moments.

Stylish, Portable And Powerful 

Why carry cheap-looking pieces of rubber/plastic coated bulky speakers, when you can have a contemporary, portable and Powerful 3W output speaker which comes in a vibrant orange color and a stylish design.

Easy To Use 

The suction cup bottom lets you mount your speaker on any flat surface – thus offering you unlimited choices.
Quick Access to music player functions – thus letting you jump to the next/previous song, change the volume, or switch to radio mode from the speaker itself.

Was $69.99
Now Only $24.99!!
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