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If you aren’t using a virtual private network (VPN) already, you should absolutely start today. Using a VPN is one of the best things you can do to protect your privacy and security online, but good VPNs are usually fairly expensive. On the flip side, free VPNs come with their own host of problems, so we can’t recommend those.

However, what we can recommend is a reputable VPN service called FastestVPN. FastestVPN isn’t free, which is actually the first validation of its authenticity. But it also won’t break the bank if you choose to sign up for its lifetime subscription.

FastestVPN comes with the following features found in well-respected VPN services.

  1. A strict no-logging policy.
  2. 256-bit AES encryption.
  3. An internet kill switch to mask your IP if the connection drops.
  4. A solid number of servers and locations.
  5. Based in the Cayman Islands and protected by strong privacy policies outside of Five Eyes jurisdiction.
FastestVPN Mac

FastestVPN: Lifetime Subscription

FastestVPN offers a smart, easy-to-use VPN service for all of your devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Smart TVs and even your router. This high-powered, affordable VPN operates with 99.9% uptime and gives you access to more than 200 high-speed servers around the globe. Plus, with a strict no-logging policy, FastestVPN is extremely committed to your online privacy.

  • 256-bit AES encryption on all of its 200+ servers.
  • Unlimited server switches and bandwidth.
  • No-logging policy.
  • Bypass geo-restrictions and unlock any site you want.
  • Internet kill switch protects your IP from being exposed if your connection drops.
  • Use on 5 different devices at once with lifetime access.

When it comes to speed, FastestVPN also earns some top marks. While upload speeds may not be the swiftest, the VPN’s download speeds are excellent — especially when you take the price into consideration.

As far as smaller considerations, FastestVPN is also incredibly easy to use and it supports simultaneous connections across your devices.

How Much Does FastestVPN Cost?

Normally, FastestVPN costs about $10 a month or $29.95 a year. All in all, that’s not bad. But you can actually sign up for a lifetime subscription that you can use on up to 5 devices for just $19.99.

Need more devices? A lifetime subscription for up to 10 devices is just $24.99.

That means you can pay once and continue to use FastestVPN far into the future without worrying about monthly payments. It’s seriously one of the most affordable ways to get a good VPN.

FastestVPN is incredibly affordable, but if you’re willing to spend a little more, you can upgrade to a service like VPN Unlimited. VPN Unlimited is the next step up – it has all of the bells and whistles you’re looking for in addition to fully unlocking video streaming. This service will set you back just $39.

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