Rechargeable Bluetooth Shower Speaker With Suction Cup – 50% Off

  • SPLASH RESISTANT, WATER RESISTANT DESIGN – Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Speaker for use as a Portable Speaker in your shower, bathtub, bathroom, bedroom, car, vehicle, auto, truck, boats. Now you can use your bluetooth enabled smartphones, iphone, android and other bluetooth devices with the wirelss speaker for your iphone indoor or outdoor without any wires or cables. Listen to your favourite music anytime or anywhere. Relax and enjoy your music in your shower, car, vehicle, boat, bathroom.
  • INCLUDES SUCTION CUP AND HANGING HOOK – Instead of listening to ads that are normal when you use a shower radio, this bluetooth shower speaker is a creative wireless speaker that has both a suction cup to stick it onto a smooth tiled wall or smooth bathroom surface. or you can use the attached hook of the bluetooth shower speaker to hang it onto a shower rod or bathroom door knob, any peg. even in your vehicle coat hanger hook. Hang from ceiling to use as bluetooth wireless ceiling speaker.
  • HANDS-FREE SPEAKERPHONE BUILT IT. Truly the best bluetooth wirelss shower speaker has a built in speaker so that you can receive your phone calls and talk without having to hold your cellphone, mobile phone or other bluetooth enabled device with this bluetooth shower speaker. You can now have the convenience of talking to your callers hands-free while in the bath tub or in the shower stall through the speakerphone.
  • NO BATTERIES NEEDED. The included rechargeable battery of your portable indoor outdoor wireless speaker recharges through the USB port of your computer or laptop with the included USB cable. You do not have to spend money on batteries, and will save your money. More importantly you will be helping the enviroment and saving the earth and keeping it greener as you do not need to replace batteries that contaminate, pollute and fill up landfills.

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Now Only $29.97 with Free Shipping for Prime Members!!
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