iPad Air 2 Clamshell Keyboard Case in Gold – $26 Off

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Wishing your iPad Air 2 functioned more like a MacBook Air? Then the Cooper NoteKee F8S keyboard case is your best case scenario. The NoteKee F8S case is constructed of premium quality aluminum and flexible hard plastic, which minimizes bulk to the iPad Air 2 and compliments the tablet’s aesthetic. From the closed position, the clamshell-style case opens up 130° to provide numerous display possibilities in landscape format. On the inside is a built-in US-English QWERTY keyboard featuring 78 scissor-switch, weighted plastic keys just like a real laptop. And thanks the special backlighting feature, the NoteKee keyboard will glow in the dark in one of 7 different bright, neon colors that the user can choose from.

Was $95.95
Now Only $69.95
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