Get Comfortable! This iPad Stand Won’t Hurt Your Neck (or Your Wallet)

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It’s not uncommon for people to place their tablet on a table or their lap as they navigate the web. For obvious reasons, this strains your body, especially your neck, back and shoulders. And the more we interact with our mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones, the more critical it becomes for us to consider ergonomics, safety and comfort.

Beyond headaches, and eyestrain, lies the highly avoidable neck pain that plagues iPad users while utilizing their devices in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. However, reducing the risk of physical pain is made possible with a simple solution called a tablet stand.

While there are many tablet stands to choose from, the Lamicall Tablet Stand gives you more bang for your buck.

Compatible with most tablets including the iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, Microsoft Surface Pro, Samsung tablets and many more – the Lamicall Tablet Stand was built to ensure that users can adjust their device to the most comfortable position possible.

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Its sturdy aluminum alloy construction guarantees that any device you mount will remain stable and secure while you’re browsing the web at your desk, searching for recipes in the kitchen, watching YouTube tutorials and so much more.

This tablet stand also features a convenient design that facilitates charging while the tablet is secured. Simple yet elegant, the Lamicall Tablet Stand is perfect for the office, kitchen or any other location you can think of. Insanely affordable, this stand speaks for itself. With a plethora of tablet stands on the market, the Lamicall Tablet Stand might stand above the rest.

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Lamicall Aluminum Alloy Adjustable Tablet Stand

  • Multi-angle adjustability.
  • Rubberized protection.
  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Aluminum alloy construction.
  • Ultra-affordable price.
  • Supports both vertical and horizontal orientations.

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