Best Cell Phone Plans on the Market (and Why You Should Choose Them)

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In addition to choosing the perfect smartphone, you also need to pick the right phone plan. After all, without a solid data connection, you won’t be able to use your phone the way it’s meant to be.

Unfortunately, choosing the right plan is easier said than done. There are just too many cell phone plans to choose from. For most power users, the best option is an unlimited plan, but there are also a dime a dozen these days.

If you don’t know which plan to go with, you’re not alone. Plenty of people are looking for the right plan that will fit their needs and budget. The good news is we’ve rounded up some of the best cell phone plans your money can buy right now to help you out.

T-Mobile Magenta

T-Mobile Magenta is one of T-Mobile’s most expensive plans, but it’s definitely worth it. With it, you’ll get unlimited texts and phone calls to anyone in the country. Plus, you also get an unlimited data plan with fast 5G speeds when you’re on the go.

If you want to share your data with someone, you can also get 5GB of high-speed mobile hotspot access. After you’ve used up that 5GB, you’ll drop to 3G speeds, but those are still pretty decent.

Additionally, you’ll also get other benefits, like a free Apple TV+ subscription for the first six months and

This is a bit of an expensive plan at $70 per month for a single line, but that drops to $40 per line if you sign up with three other people. T-Mobile also offers some good discounts for people over the age of 55, people in the military, veterans, and first responders. 

T-Mobile Essentials Saver

If you’re looking for an unlimited plan that’s more affordable and still offers many benefits, the T-Mobile Essentials Saver plan is perfect for you. 

This plan offers unlimited texts and phone calls, plus unlimited data. Technically, that’s 50GB of premium data at the fastest possible speeds, after which you might notice a decline in speed. The plan also offers 3G hotspot service to share your data plan with other devices.

Unfortunately, this plan doesn’t offer other benefits like an Apple TV+ subscription, but for $50 per month, it’s still a solid option for people looking for a good deal on a single-line plan. Plus, you can still get a discount if you’re a veteran, over 55, or a first responder.

Mint Mobile Unlimited Premium

If you’re looking for a really affordable unlimited plan, Mint Mobile has your back. This cell phone plan offers unlimited texting and phone calls. Of course, you’ll also get unlimited data for free. Additionally, you have 10GB of hotspot data to share.

The Unlimited plan costs $30 per month, but you can sometimes get offers like the first three months for $15 each. All in all, it is an amazing deal for people on a budget.

AT&T Unlimited Data Plan

Just like other options on the list, AT&T also offers an unlimited plan with unlimited texts and phone calls in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Moreover, you’ll get a fast, secure 5G connection when you’re using your unlimited data plan. It also offers 60GB of data you can use for hotspots.

What makes this unlimited plan stand out is AT&T’s Active Armor Security, which comes included in the plan. This feature keeps you safe on the go. For starters, you can automatically block spam calls, so you’re never bothered by them again.

There’s also a Safe Browsing feature to help you when you’re browsing the web. And it even encrypts your data when you’re using a public Wi-Fi network. 

But what makes Active Armer Security stand out is its Identity Monitoring feature, which constantly scours the dark web to determine whether your personal information has been compromised.

Of course, this comes with a price. AT&T’s unlimited plan costs $85.95 per month, which isn’t necessarily cheap.

Verizon Unlimited Ultimate

Verizon’s Unlimited Ultimate plan has a pretty premium price tag, running from $90 for a single line to $55 for four lines or more, but if you’re an Apple fan, you might save some money with it.

Like other unlimited plans, you can talk and message all you want. You also get unlimited data on Verizon’s fastest 5G Ultra Wideband network and 60GB of hotspot data you can share with others. 

But what makes this plan stand out is its benefits. As a plus, you can get an Apple One perk at a discount. That means if you use some of the Apple services available in the bundle, you can save up to $9.95/month by adding it to your Verizon Unlimited plan compared to subscribing directly to Apple One.

This perk gives you an Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud+ subscription. Depending on the plan you choose, you can get either 50GB or 200GB of cloud storage. If you go for the family plan, you can also share the Apple Music subscription with five family members. If you’d prefer to stick with Apple One Premier or aren’t interested in an Apple One bundle at all, Verizon offers other $10 perks instead, including Disney or Netflix+Max bundles.

US Mobile Unlimited Starter Plan

US Mobile iPhone plans

US Mobile offers another budget-friendly unlimited plan, but there’s a catch. Its Unlimited Starter plan costs $23 per month, which is one of the most competitive prices available, but you’ll need to pay for the whole year in advance, making it $276 for 12 months.

Granted, that’s still pretty affordable, but not everyone has $276 to shell out at a moment’s notice. If you do, though, you’ll get access to unlimited data, minutes, and texts. You’ll have access to 5G connections and can get 10GB of Hotspot data. 

You also get international calls and texts, and even 1GB of data you can use internationally, which is great if you’re constantly traveling.

Choose the Right Plan

There are undoubtedly a ton of plans for you to choose from. Some are expensive and offer great benefits, while others are more affordable and will give you exactly what you need.

Luckily, most of these unlimited plans offer, at their cores, the basic unlimited texts, calls, and data that you need. All you need to do is find which one fits your budget and your needs the best — and which one has the best benefits.

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