Apple’s Hiding FREE App Store Credit in iPhone’s Settings (Here’s How to Get It)

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Apple is giving away free App Store credit, but the method for acquiring said credit is buried within the Settings app.

If you haven’t heard about this offer, it’s because Apple didn’t really announce it. But if you add funds to your Apple ID, Apple will give you a 10 percent bonus based on the amount that you add.

The promotion was quietly launched on Monday and will run through Thursday, Dec. 20.

The most you can add to your Apple ID is $200, which means the bonus offer tops out at $20. But hey, that’s still a free $20 in App Store credit and it only takes a few taps to get it.

The Apple ID credit can be used toward App Store or iTunes purchases. If you buy a lot of content on either platform, it’s definitely an offer you’ll want to take Apple up on.

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap your Apple ID card at the top. It’ll have your name and your picture if you’ve added one.
  3. Tap iTunes & App Store.
  4. Tap on Apple ID:(your email address).
  5. You’ll see a pop-up appear. Tap on View Apple ID.
  6. From here, select Add Funds to Apple ID.
  7. You’ll be brought to the add funds window, where the only indication of the 10 percent bonus is. You’ll also be greeted with several quick fund options with their associated bonuses — $10 will earn you $1 and so on.
10 Percent Bonus Apple Funds1

Most users just buy content with their associated card or bank account on-the-fly. But earlier this year, Apple began allowing users to add funds to their Apple IDs ahead of time.

Even if you’re not a heavy App Store or iTunes buyer, adding funds to your account may be a good idea down the line. You’ll have some credit tucked away for later purchases.

But, more importantly, it’s a way to get some free money from Apple while you’re at it. Which, judging by how rarely the company discounts its products and services, is a fairly uncommon opportunity.


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