Ultra-Popular Strategy Game ‘Civilization VI’ Finally Arrives on iPhone

Civilization Iv Credit: Sid Meier
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Previously available as an iPad exclusive, Aspyr Media on Thursday released their feature-packed port of Civilization VI with iPhone compatibility on the iOS App Store, bringing the full-featured, all-time classic PC gaming experience to a much smaller (but still immersive) screen.

What Is Civilization?

For those unfamiliar with Civilization, according to Ars Technica it’s “arguably the grandaddy of epic strategy games” — an all-time classic among PC gamers. 

In the game, your primary goal is “building an empire to stand the test of time.” 

You start out by selecting a civilization, a leader, and just a few settlers who begin following you as you wander about. 

“Over hundreds of turns, you build out a sprawling civilization and advance in technology until you have numerous cities, airplanes, diplomacy, tourism, a space program, and nuclear weapons,” the publication notes, adding that “players can win the game either through conquest or through peaceful victories centered around science or culture, among other things.”

Civilization 6

While players are likely to have differing opinions on which title in the franchise is “best,” considering how full-featured the gaming experience is even on iPhone, Ars Technica notes that with an open mind, even casual players “could happily lose dozens or hundreds of happy hours into its various challenges.”

All in all, Civilization VI on iPhone is said to offer the full gaming experience PC and Mac players have come to know and love. And while there are a few sacrifices in presentation, given the iPhone’s smaller display area, when all is said and done, “this is the Civilization VI that has driven so many gamers’ binges on personal computers and the iPad.”

How Much Does It Cost?

Unfortunately, while you stand to embark on an epic gaming experience, given its complexity and full-featured nature of gameplay, Civilization VI costs a pretty hefty up-front sum to play. 

You can download it for free from the iOS App Store now, and even play a short free trial period before being prompted to pony up some coin. 

The longterm cost of playing Civilization VI will come out to $60, which is about the same price you’d pay for the full PC or Mac version (minus any add-ons or expansions.) 

For die-hard Civilization fans looking to get in on the action now, Aspyr Media is currently running a special launch promo where it’s selling the iOS game for 60 percent off, between now and October 16. 

If you’re a Mac user looking for an more robust experience playing Civilization IV, you can also pick-up the complete Sid Meier Civilization VI Bundle for Mac, which includes a special edition bonus expansion pack complete with a ton of additional add-ons and content. Normally $89.98, this bundle is available at 47% off for a limited-time ($46.99).

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