TVKit for Apple TV Brings in Third-Party Apps


This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, June 8-12 in San Francisco, is rumored to make several huge announcements. IOS 9, with Apple’s brand new Beats-based music streaming service, will certainly be a big topic of conversation. However, the biggest buzz surrounding the WWDC this year is centered around the new Apple TV. Said to be a “significant overhaul,” the new Apple TV is rumored to feature dramatic hardware and software upgrades to the previous version.

The new Apple TV will reportedly feature Apple’s A8 chip as well as a large internal storage capacity. Siri integrarion and the ability to control HomeKit gadgets are also rumored to be a part of the upgrade. There are also plenty of rumors of a new subscription-based TV streaming service, much to the delight of cord-cutters around the world.


Another rumor that is quickly gaining steam is the support for third-party apps. The new Apple TV will reportedly have its own separate app store, with a variety of apps available. Video apps will of course be available – but with the addition of music apps and gaming apps. Also, with the inclusion of home automation apps, the new Apple TV may become the new hub of the home.

Along with the new set top box, Apple is expected to introduce a new software development kit (SDK) known as TVKit for developers to use for dedicated Apple TV apps as well. The previous SDK for creating Apple TV apps consisted solely of XML templates, and only guidelines for video streaming “channel” apps. This new SDK will open up a whole new world of possibilities for developers when programming apps for the Apple TV.

While Apple has, as usual, declined to officially release any details on the new Apple TV, reputable sources have leaked enough information to cause excitement. As the WWDC draws closer, be sure to keep up to date on all the latest Apple news at

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