Top Five Rejuvenating Health and Nutrition Apps

Top Five Rejuvenating Health and Nutrition Apps
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Health is the staple to living a good life. However, it might not always be easy to keep up with healthy food choices on your own. This is where health and nutrition apps come in handy. These apps will help you shop for healthy food, track your calorie intake, and even calculate how much water you should be drinking. Here we review the five best apps to help you pick and choose a healthy diet, as well as stick to it.


Fooducate is an app that will help you shop and eat healthy by pulling up nutritional information about food products from barcodes. The app will also help you make sense of the nutritional labels by displaying a letter grade from A to D with a quick summary of nutrition information in easy to read language. Fooducate will also suggest healthy alternatives to food that may not be great for you. If a user wants to cook their meals or eat out, you can manually enter your food’s nutritional information. Another bonus, this app will count your calories and keep track of your exercise. If you decide to upgrade to the pro version the app will remove all ads and unlock additional features. You can download this app for free at the iTunes Store.


If you want to eat better, you are going to have to shop better. This is the main idea behind the Shopwell app, a barcode scanning shopping app that will rate the foods and items you buy according to your nutritional needs. You start by creating a personalized profile and select from a series of goals (e.g. Strength Training, Lose Weight, etc.), as well as put in any dietary restrictions. The app will take all of these factors into account and use them to score scanned grocery items, as well as provide an easy-to-understand health tips and suggestions. You can download this shopping app for free at the iTunes Store.

Calorie Counter Pronutrition_4

This app is a comprehensive food scanner, nutrition counter, and exercise tracker. The app will scan barcodes for certain product’s nutritional information, as well as have the option to put custom foods and recipes, with tracking for up to 45 different nutrients. An exercise tracker will allow a user to put more than 500 different activities, as well as the option for manual entry of the calories burned. Calorie Counter Pro also includes planning features for users who want to set a goal weight and plan out their food and exercise habits. This app will help plan out intake and activity for the most optimal weight loss. You can download this all-inclusive health app for $3.99 at the iTunes store.


This iOS health app is a meant for those who want to plan out their meals with a specific weight loss goal. The best feature about this app is it is designed to work with other apps and devices to track your exercise activity and automatically adjust its food recommendations. A user will be able to set their nutritional goals (lose weight, eat better, improve heart conditions, etc.) as well as dietary restrictions they may have and Nutrino will build a personalized meal plan. A user can also customize their plan by selecting what foods they prefer and suggest alternatives. Nutrino will also be able to log their exercise, sleep habits, and water intake. This app is a little pricier than the others, with a monthly payment required, but it is worth it for those who are serious about changing their diet habits. You can download this app for $7.99 a month at the iTunes store.


Most people are aware that in order to maintain optimal health, it is recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day. However, most nutrition trackers don’t always factor this in when keeping a log of what you should consume. This app is meant to track a user’s daily water intake by setting up a daily water intake goal. After you set a goal for how much water you want to drink, you can then log your water consumption and track your progress. You can also take pictures of your glasses and bottles for easy recording, define custom glass sizes, and the app will handle the volume conversions. You can download this free iOS app at the iTunes Store. If you want to upgrade to the pro version, the app will have customizable reminders, integration with FitBit, and access to any features added in the future.

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