Top 5 Most Powerful iPad Pro Apps

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The iPad Pro is the newest device to showcase the best in Apple technology. From graphics, to apps, to basic functionality, the iPad Pro has everything you need in a fully-stocked tablet.

While most apps work great on any iPad, there are some that really shine on the iPad Pro. We have compiled a list of 5 apps that showcase the best of the iPad Pro.


If You Like Gaming…

Then you’ll want to check out The Room Three. With heavy graphics and expansive levels, this simple-yet-encapsulating puzzle game will keep you intrigued from the moment you pick it up.

It is the sequel to Fireproof Game’s ‘The Room Two’, and starts you in a mansion on a remote island with nothing more than your puzzle-solving skills to determine your outcome. With intuitive controls, a haunting soundtrack, and amazing gameplay, The Room Three will keep you hooked.

If You Want A New Utility…


Then Paper is the perfect app for you. A stunning utility app, the app is easy to use and presents the user with an interface that is both stunning and intuitive.

Described as “the best way to capture and connect your notes, photos, and sketches”, Paper lets you create checklists, share ideas, and organize your ideas in one place. Plus it effortlessly lets you bring photos, text, and sketches together in one spot.

If You’re Artistic…


Then Procreate 3 has all the tools you need. Procreate 3 offers you all the features that will let you take advantage of Apple’s new Apple Pencil. The Apple Design Award winning app lets users sketch, paint, and illustrate with ease.

The cool yet stylish interface offers multiple brushes, colors, and tools that will help you create like never before. Plus, given that this app now has integration for the iPad Pro, images appear in bigger and better resolution than ever before.

If You’re Passionate About Design…

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 10.31.18 AMThen Adobe Comp is your new design center. Adobe has a long-standing reputation with design, and this is no exception with their new Adobe Comp for iPad.

Centered on wireframes and layouts, Adobe Comp lets the user easily sync, arrange, organize, and create wireframes for any project. Note: Adobe Comp requires previous subscription to Adobe Cloud.

If You’re Into Videos…


Then iMovie is perfect for creating homemade movies and editing action shots. Although iMovie is nothing new, the iPad Pro makes iMovie a fantastic addition to your movie and video-editing arsenal.

The app presents users with special effects, editing features, and the capability of handling three streams of 4K video at once. Add to this a full-height Media Browser and pixel-for-pixel 1080 HD Viewer, and you have a solid video editor and player.

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