Top 5 Addictive iOS Games 

Top 5 Addictive iOS Games 
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One of the best things about having an iOS device is how crisp and clear in-game graphics can be, the immersive game play, and addictive nature. Games are fun way to utilize the power of your iOS device, as well as keep you entertained during the lull moments of life.

iosgames1There are so many games that make it so you never want to put your phone down, so this week we review the top five iOS games that will keep you coming back for more.

1. SPL-T


This game is admittedly more complicated than the other gaming apps we review. Although it may seem like a simple puzzle game, it is so much more than that. This game involves both puzzle and strategy so that the user can divide the black screen into slightly smaller sections while racking up points and clearing the board of point blocks.

All you need to do is hold the screen to divide it into alternating horizontal and vertical sections. Cells can get too small so that they can’t be divvied, and four or more of the same sized cells form something called “point blocks” that can’t be moved until their times reach 0 on a countdown at the top.

There is a lot more to the game than can’t be explained; you’ll have to play for yourself to see what fun and admittedly addicting surprises are in store for you. Download this game here for $2.99 at the iTunes Store.

2. The Balloons – Endless Floater


This game starts off with a bunch of cute balloon characters which players have to guide thorough each level as they try to get past difficult obstacles and enemies, all while collecting bonuses and coins along the way.

All you have to do is tap on the left and right sides of the screen to move the balloon around as you go up. If you hit something or start to lose momentum, the balloon will pop and the game is then over.

The levels are ever changing and include special characters to constantly keep you on your toes. There is also something called “secret skins” which allows you to unlock new and secret levels. Get this game here at the iTunes Store for free.

3. Slow Down


This game has been compared to the addictiveness and challenge level of the Flappy Bird; which essentially means you won’t be able to get enough.

The main premise of this game is to guide a bouncing ball through a series of obstacles, but the only way to control your speed is to tap and hold to slow down. This game starts off easy enough, but can quickly raise your frustrations as the never ending obstacles become harder and harder to avoid.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the gold star that appears between obstacles which can help you get some extra points. You can get this game here for free.

4. Jump Sky


This game is one of our favorites because of how cute and simple it is! The whole objective of this silly game is to get the characters from cloud to cloud while moving higher and higher. You also have to avoid obstacles that increase exponentially the higher you go. Also, the higher you go in the game, the faster you go as well.

The more points you collect, the more characters you can unlock (there are over 60 different styles of Characters to collect!). New characters will change the backdrop of the game so you always have something new to look at. You can get this adorable game for free here.

5. SongPop 2


Trivia games are always fun because they test your knowledge, or you can grab some help of a group of friends for even more amusement. For those who love music and trivia, this app is the game for you! SongPop2 is a trivia game involving music challenges between friends or music fans all over the world.

There is Party mode, with daily tournaments and a Music Quiz practice mode where you can practice identifying songs. Songs span from Classic Rock to Country to 60’s or even 2010’s music. Players will earn coins during matches which can be used to unlock more playlists for head to head challenges. With over 100,000 songs, you’ll never get bored of the music selection. You can get this awesome game here for free.

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