Top 4 Most Insightful Horoscope and Astrology Apps for iPhone and iPad

Top 4 Most Insightful Horoscope and Astrology Apps for iPhone and iPad
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Let’s be honest, we’ve all read our horoscope at some point and thought it applied to our life a little. Although horoscope readings might not always be 100% accurate, we here at iDrop News get a kick out of reading the stars. And believe it or not, horoscopes are not always about planning romantic dates or picking the perfect time to meet up with a friend.

Many horoscope apps will explore into personality traits, compatible signs, and good career choices. Whether you are a serious astrologist or just like to read your horoscope for fun, these four apps are sure to amuse and impress you.


1. TimePassages

If you really put stock into your horoscope reading every day, TimePassages is perfect for you. This Horoscope app has been regarded as one of the best possible astrology programs available. This app is great for those who are seriously into, or would like to learn more about, Astrology. With TimePassages your personal horoscope is at the tip of your fingers.


You can receive free daily horoscopes as well as discover the meaning behind your sun sign, moon sign, or rising sign. This app also comes with a comprehensive astrology glossary, color charts, and insightful interpretations. All you need to do is enter your birth information and TimePassages will do the rest. This app is also an excellent learning tool for tracking the planets to see how the planetary movements affect your life. If you want an accurate astrology reading you won’t regret getting this amazing all-encompassing horoscope app.

Download the TimePassages app here for free at the iTunes Store.

2. Astro Gold

This app is definitely pricier than other apps on this list, but if you are serious about wanting to learn about astrology and horoscopes this investment is well worth it. Astro Gold is for those who want to really delve into the horoscope game and get the best reading possible.

astro gold app

This software is highly precise and professional using the latest Swiss Ephemeris and ASC Atlas files. This app will show you all of the best advanced charts, help you edit charts, or even print and send charts by email. You can pull a number of charts from professional reports, birth reports, or even child reports. With 3D Touch, you can invoke the menu on the app icon to cast a new chart or view current transitions. Astro Gold will give you the most professional horoscope readings and definitely won’t leave you disappointed.

Download this app here for $39.99 at the iTunes Store.

3. Existence

A more light-hearted horoscope app we love is Existence. This horoscope app uses a lot of images in lieu of traditional zodiac readings. The whole basis to this app is to give you information about your existence, in other words, what goes into making what and who you are. In addition to giving you your daily horoscope, this app will provide you with a full history of your sign, what your strengths are, and what other signs you are most compatible with.


You have access to your star sign, historical name information, and constellation star formation information. There is also the option to share daily horoscopes and zodiac sign history with friends on social media. What we love most about this app is the beautiful images, which make it easy to stay engaged.

If you like pretty images and fun horoscope readings, download this app here for free at the iTunes Store.

4. The DailyHoroscope

This Horoscope app is the one of the most popular and well known horoscope apps in circulation. This app is updated on a daily basis and comes with various types of astrology readings. This app comes with daily zodiac horoscopes, Chinese horoscopes, and Druid horoscopes. You also have the option to customize the colors and font size on the app so you can get your readings with ease.


Curious about how you’ve changed over the past year? The DailyHoroscope will give you Chinese and Zodiac horoscopes from the past two years. Not to mention this app will also let you scroll back if you missed a day so you can always stay up to date on your readings. The interface for this app is extremely friendly and easy to use, which makes this app the easiest to use out of all the apps on the list. We like this app because it is popular, customizable fun, and free.

Download this app here for free at the iTunes Store.

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What’s your favorite app on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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