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The Top 10 iPhone Music Apps You Didn’t Know About

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Everyone loves listening to music, but not everyone realizes the vast amount of apps that can deliver the ultimate music-listening experience. Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Pandora are popular radio programs that can stream a plethora of music, however there are a ton of hidden gems that deserve your ears as well. With these apps you can listen to and discover new music with just the touch of a button, and here we review our top ten favorites.



Tidal is a new app that recently became famous through its ability to stream incredibly popular music straight to your mobile device. Unlike other music services, Tidal will stream audio at the high quality of 320kps AAC. In other words, the music you listen to will sound amazing. Tidal has a library of over 25 million songs, and users can watch any of 75,000 ad-free music videos including extras such as identification and discovery tools. However, Tidal Premium will cost $9.99 monthly and Tidal Hi-Fi costs about $19.99. Get Tidal here.


2. Amazon Music with Prime


Amazon also recently joined the music streaming crew with their new Prime Music Program. This new service includes an overhaul to the Amazon Cloud Player, now called Amazon Music. The Amazon Music App allows you to steam the music you’ve purchased from Amazon, as well as music stored locally on your iPhone. Amazon Prime subscriptions, which cost $99 annually, will allow access to a library of over a million songs and ready-made playlists with zero ads. You also have the option to download songs or playlists so you can listen to music offline. Get Amazon Music here.

3. iTunes Radio


Since the launch of iOS 7, the iTunes Radio has made a name for itself and earned a top spot among the music streaming services. With over 27 million music tracks across a variety of genres and stations the iTunes Radio is a robust service. iTunes Radio also helps you customize your own stations. The free version does come with ads, but if you subscribe to iTunes Match you can remove the ads as well as have the ability to store and sync your music across devices.

4. Beats Music


Beats may be one of the newest music streaming services in this category, but this company knows how to make music look and sound fantastic. This experiences carriers over to their music streaming app with an easy to use interface and a song library that will satisfy any music lover. Featuring curated playlists from top producers, Beats is designed to help you find the perfect music for any mood. Beats Music service will cost you $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year. Get Beats Music here.

5. Rhapsody


One of the oldest and longest-running online music providers in existence, Rhapsody offers a huge song library and artist-based radio. Rhapsody recently updated its interface making it bright and aesthetically pleasing. You can enjoy your music on the go if you upgrade to a $9.99 monthly premium membership, as well as create of listen to custom radio stations through their unRadio service ($4.99 a month.) What’s also interesting is that this service works across iPhones, Smart TV’s, and select speaker systems so you will never run out of options for music listening. Get Rhapsody here.

6. TuneIn Radio



Another great option for a curated radio streaming experience is TuneIn Radio which offers listeners streams from around the world. This app has music, talk radio, sports, news radio, and podcasts. There is even a good chance you will be able to get your local radio station streaming straight to your device. Get TuneIn Radio here.

7. SoundCloud


A lot of apps will let you listen to popular artists such as Drake or Rhianna, but SoundCloud will provide access to a special community of not-so-well-known artists. This is the app you should download if you want to hear the newest and upcoming artists before they make it big. This is also a great app for those who are aspiring to be famous artists one day since you can record songs right into your smartphone and instantly share with the world. Get SoundCloud here.

8. Xbox Music


If you have an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you will be pleased to know that you can take the same listening experience on the go with the Xbox Music mobile app. This free app, with a $9.99 monthly subscription, gives you ad-free listening to over 30 million songs. This app also includes custom radio stations and unlimited offline listening. If you want to start enjoying a playlist on to go and finish it at home, you can sync across all of your devices to make it happen. Get Xbox Music here.

9. Slacker Radio


Slacker stands out from the multitude of radio apps by featuring finely tuned radio stations from top artists. This free app is constantly updating with new playlists that adapt to your tastes while also providing access to news, talk, and weather stations. A $3.99 subscription gives you ad-free and offline streaming, while a $9.99 premium will throw in on-demand playback and custom playlists. Get Slacker here.

10. Songza


If you don’t want to build a custom playlist or are too busy to choose personalized songs for your every day, then Songza is the app for you. This free music app will ask you what you are doing, whether you are working out or just relaxing, and build a playlist accordingly. Songza allows you to share your playlists over social media and has no listening limits. Google recently purchased Songza, which means we could start to see some smart activity based music recommendations on Google Play Music. Get Songza here.


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