The Top 7 Best Free Workout Apps

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Working out often is a key component to improving your health. We understand that paying for fitness apps is another hurdle that can deter you from working out more, so this list includes all free apps for tracking your exercise routine. Whether you are an expert fitness trainer or just a beginner starting out, these apps are guaranteed to help your workout plan.

  1. Workout Trainer

This free workout app offers users over thousands of workouts that come with timed step-by-step audio and video instructions. Whether you want to gain some flexibility or get in shape for summertime, Workout Trainer has the routine for you. Users also have the ability to create their own custom routines and share them online. If you want to buy a premium subscription you can unlock HD workout videos, even more routines, as well as remove any ads.

  1. JEFIT

This app is an amazing resource for users who do strength training and bodybuilding. This app is designed for those who want to focus on toning muscles and target specific body parts for getting in shape. The routines on this app come with detailed instructions, a workout planner, a log to track your progress, timers, as well as synchronization options. A premium version is available for purchase which offers even more features and removes ads.

  1. Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

This easy to use app will guide users through the original seven minute workout, as well as more advanced routines which vary on intensity and duration. Beginners and experts alike will appreciate all of the videos that function as a personal trainer. Users also have the option to create their own custom workout routines.

  1. Runtastic Six Pack Abs

Runtastic Six Pack Abs is meant to guide you through a 10 week long workout routine that will sculpt your abs to that six-pack you’ve been dreaming of. The app has a wide variety of workout routines and comes with both male and female avatars, which will show you proper form of different moves. There are also adjustable degrees of difficulty as well as the option to create a custom workout plan for targeted areas, weight loss goals, or daily schedules. Runtastic Six Pack Abs has an additional option to sync with MyFitnessPal and the main Runtastic app.

  1. FitStar

This fitness app acts as your personalized training coach by adapting to your different exercise routines. This app will setup a routine that matches your physical capability and calibrate workouts to be challenging for your body type without being impossible. Users can configure what they think will be their ideal exercise duration and workout goals and the app will create a workout session for you. Once you are done you have the option to rate the difficulty of the workout, which helps the app adapt to what your workout capabilities are. This is definitely one of the best free workout apps you can download on the market.

  1. Strava Running & Cycling

This app is considered one of the top-of-the-line running and cycling trackers and it’s extremely easy to use. Strava Running and Cycling adds a competitive aspect to your usual run-tracking routine. The app will record your running speed, distance traveled, time, and the route taken. It will also combine the leaderboard, achievements, and challenges with your personal times so you can compare to others as well as yourself. If a user wants to upgrade to a premium subscription there will be improved formulas with leaderboards as well as the ability to create exercise goals and more detailed analytics.

  1. Zombies, Run!

This app is not only great for working out, but it’s also extremely motivational and fun! For those of you who would only go on a run if someone were chasing you, this is your app! Zombies, Run! puts you in the place of Runner Five which has you racing to save your life and the people in Abel Township. This app has you running specific missions which advance the story as your enjoy your run. The app also integrates with your favorite music player such as Pandora or Spotify so you can listen to music as you run. Another cool feature; the app will introduce “radio announcements” in-between songs so you can receive messages on the status of your mission. The app is free and comes with the first four episodes with the ability to unlock one new episode a week.

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