The Top 5 iOS Apps You Don’t Have (But Should!)

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There are a multitude of amazing apps that can create new functionality for your iOS device; however there are some hidden apps that don’t always make it to the mainstream hype.We’ve looked through the App Store and found some great applications that will work great on your iOS 8 device. Here we review some apps that will bring interesting features and great usefulness to your iPhone or iPad.

1. Reddit Ask Me Anythingiosapps2
Most people are familiar with the forum Reddit that is a community-based website where people can ask and answer questions on various different topics. Well, Reddit Ask me Anything is an app version of this website that includes community-led interview of notable politicians, actors, scientists, and more. There are also a host of celebrities including Barack Obama and Neil deGrasse Tyson who will participate in online interview where users on this app can ask them anything. The official Ask Me Anything app lets users participate in active forums as well as enjoy different archives of previous interviews from a multitude of guests from a wide range of topics. This fun forum app is free to download at the iTunes store.

2. Dark Skyiosapps3
Everyone can benefit from knowing an accurate weather forecast, and Dark Sky is just the app for it. Dark Sky is a highly accurate local weather forecasting app that can predict rain and snow “down to the minute” using radar mapping. This app is now even better since it recently when through an update to include more accurate long term forecasting. Dark Sky now includes features from the Forecast io Web app and comes with 24-hour and next week forecasting. The radar map also went through an update to include a light background which makes it easier to read than before. This aesthetically pleasing weather app can be downloaded here, for $3.99.

3. FileThisiosapps4
This organization app will take and consolidate all of your online statements, bills, receipts and other important documents from your bank account, insurance, and credit cards. This app will then turn all of these into searchable PDF files that will be sent to the cloud storage of your choosing. All of your important documents and receipts will be within easy access anywhere you have internet and allow you to get rid of stacks of paper, binders, and folders. This free app can be found here, and allows you to link FileThis to up to six accounts (bank accounts, credit cards, etc.). If you decide to upgrade to a premium plan you can have up to 30 connections.

4. Lifesumiosapps5
Do you ever wish you had better control of your health goals and choices? Well now there’s an app for that, and it’s great for iOS devices. Lifesum is an incredible app that is meant to track all of your lifestyle choices and health progress. This app will track what you eat with a built-in barcode scanner and search feature. You can also import your exercise information directly from iOS’s Health App. There are also reminders built-in. The app will send these reminders to remind you about drinking more water, advice for when you are struggling with your food choices, and feedback about improving your health choices. You can also program this app to give you notifications about your daily progress in the notification center. This amazing life tracking app can be found for free, here.

5. iMovie Appiosapps6
If you love creating and editing videos on your iPhone, this app will blow your mind away. This app allows you to edit videos as well as add extremely cool effects. You can browse through your video library, share your movies, and create beautiful movies to store in your iMovie theater. There are 14 different trailer templates with amazing graphics and music scores by some of the world’s best film composers. You also have the option to share your movies to social media, messaging, or email. You can also upload your original videos to your iCloud. With iOS 8’s extensibility feature the iMovie app extension also allows you to add a filers, animated titles, and soundtracks to any clips within the Photos app. If you have an iPhone 5S or iPad Air or later then you can use the 2x speed-up feature. The iMovie app can be downloaded for $4.99 at the iTunes store.

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