The Classic Video Game Doom is Now Playable On Apple Watch

The Classic Video Game Doom is Now Playable On Apple Watch
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Video gamers who were born before the 90s will surely remember a game called Doom. Doom was made by ID Software, creators of the popular Wolfenstein 3D. Doom has been put on several devices, because of its low memory storage requirement. It’s been on PCs, notebooks, Macs, and even graphing calculators! Since the game doesn’t take up a lot of memory, it can fit on almost any device, and now it’s on the Apple Watch.


As reported by The Verge, Facebook developers Lior Tubi and Mehdi Mulani posted videos of Doom being played on an Apple watch and the new Apple TV. The video shows the game being played by touching different corners to move the camera around and to move the character. Tapping in the center of the screen fires the gun. It will likely take a while to make any progress in the game using this difficult control strategy, ultimately meaning players are likely to die several times

IGN’s Josh Smith published article that reveals 11 games made for or adapted to the Apple Watch. Snappy Words gives you four letters on the screen and you have 40 seconds to make as many words as you can. Watch Homerun allows you to play a homerun derby right on your arm. You tap the screen at the right time to send the ball flying. There are even RPGs that allow you to get a quick battle in during a break from work. Runeblade has battles that last less than 30 seconds, Smith applauds the idea saying that gamers aren’t going to want to spend hours hunched over the watch playing a traditional style RPG.

Word and puzzle games are easy to do on the Apple Watch and it’s not surprising that they exist on the Apple Watch. You may not be able to play a complicated game like Starcraft 2 or World of Warcraft on it, but for gamers who like to play iPhone games, the Apple Watch will be a nice addition. Watch Quest is an action game that allows you to play both on the watch and the iPhone, giving out different quests for each device. There is even a game for those of us who want to feel like James Bond, Spy Watch.


This game allows you to “feel” like a spy by giving you unexpected missions via notifications. You lead an asset on these missions, the last remaining agent of a shadow agency. This particular game might bring back thrilling memories of “Mr. Phelps” head of the IMF from the Mission Impossible TV series!


Finally, Hatchi is a game based on the Tamagotchi devices 90’s kids would take everywhere. In this app, you’re responsible for the life of a digital creature. I missed out on the craze, instead opting for the Pikachu device made by Nintendo. Sadly, my poor Pikachu got neglected too often, hopefully not a sign for my child rearing skills!

Whether you want to try your luck at playing Doom on your Apple watch, feel like a spy, or solve mind boggling puzzle and word games, the Apple Watch provides a unique device for gaming. The connection between the watch and iPhone opens up fun possibilities for games, it’s certainly a great time to be a gamer!

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