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Save Time, Money, and Stress with these Utility Apps for iPhone

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While your iPhone can handle all of your basic email, texting, and calling needs, it can also be a very helpful tool to enhance your daily life. We’ve hand selected a number of utility apps that can turn your iPhone into a well-rounded device that can handle anything. Save time, money, and stress! Make your life easier with these utility apps for iPhone.



1. Level Money


If you are looking for a money management app, Level Money will help you accurately budget your funds. Level Money is great because it links to your bank account and lets you budget money, set custom notifications, track your spending, and compare your month-to-month spending habits. Plus level money is both safe and secure, allowing you to easily connect your bank accounts and credit cards so that all of your transactions are condensed into one app. This 2014 Appy Awards Winner is free on the app store. Most top banking establishments already support Level Money…so what are you waiting for? Get it here.

2. LastPass


With most (if not all) apps, newsletters, emails and more requiring a username and password, chances are that you have forgotten your password at one point or another. So instead of keeping them in the Notes section on your iPhone (or worse, stored in your brain) try out LastPass. LastPass is a popular password protector that lets you easily store all of your log-in information in one seamless app. It also has the ability to organize your usernames and passwords into different folders. It is seamless as it syncs from your phone to your laptop for enhanced ease-of-use. The app is free, but requires the premium service to run after a two-week trial. Get it here.

3. Readability


Have you ever struggled to read a webpage? Or wanted to easily store an article to read later? Readability is your solution. It is a free, clean, user-friendly app that turns any webpage into an easy reader. Plus it stores your pages for online or offline use. The app also has Twitter and Facebook sharing options along with the ability to follow others to get reading recommendations. Get it here.

4. Viber


Unfortunately, not everyone has an iPhone, and can therefore not take advantage of the free iMessage service. When you’re looking to connect for free, Viber can help. Viber is a messaging service that uses your Wi-Fi or data network to send messages, make phone calls, and even video calls. The app also syncs with your contacts list to let you know who else uses Viber. This app comes in handy particularly when traveling out of the country. Get it here.

5. Camera+


The iPhone camera already includes cool features such as filters, slow motion video, and panorama. Even though we find a lot of great features already integrated into the camera, it could still use a little bit of help. That’s where Camera+ comes in. Voted as the Best Photography App by Best App Ever Awards and boasting over 10 million app purchases, this app has proven to be beneficial. Camera+ offers useful camera enhancements such as a 6x zoom, a horizon level option, clarity adjustments, exposure settings, and more. Camera+ nearly turns your iPhone into a professional camera. Get it here.


6. Vurb


When working, sharing, and using multiple apps, it can be burdensome to have to switch back and forth between them. It’s also a huge waste of your time to jump between all of your apps and tasks. Thankfully, Vurb condenses all of your stuff into one spot. Touted as the “Best New App” by Apple and Time, Vurb is described as the place to “get everything you need to make it happen.” Through Vurb, you can access a majority of your apps such as Yelp, Uber, Foursquare and more. You can also make lists, share with friends, and even follow “tastemakers” to see their dashboards and recommendations. It even includes support for the Apple Watch! Get it here.


7. Timeful


If you struggle with time management, Timeful will help you keep track of your projects and tasks. Upon opening Timeful, you’ll find a simple interface that is both user-friendly and beautiful, making scheduling easier than ever before. No more clumsy to-do lists or resorting to using Notes on your iPhone. With Timeful, you’ll have your own personal assistant right on your phone. It even learns your scheduling habits to intelligently plan out your day. Plus it syncs with most calendars, including Apple Calendar. Timeful was voted one of the “Best New Apps” by Apple and you can get it here!


Bonus app!



If you are an avid runner or cyclist, chances are that you’ll benefit from Strava. Described by Fast Company as “The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Fitness,” Strava’s app helps to track anything and everything about your bike-ride or jog. Get statistics on distance, pace, speed, elevation gained, and calories burned. Plus save your rides and runs, add photos to them, and share them on your social networks. You can even upgrade to premium and see how you stack up against friends and even the pros! Get it here.




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