Six of the Best iPhone Apps for Music Lovers

Six of the Best iPhone Apps of for Music Lovers
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Love all things music related? If you are one of those people who always has headphones in and loves to jam out whenever you have free time, then this list is for you.


Music is great because it’s universal, breaks down barriers between languages, and can even unite strangers from all over the world. So why not get as much access to great music as you can? We have compiled all the best apps for audiophiles who can’t get enough music and radio in their lives.

MixRadio musicapps2

Want to try a new radio app that adds hundreds of new songs every day? Try MixRadio! This app is like Pandora, however MixRadio allows you to enter your favorite genres and artists and will then play a custom mix of online playlists. As you listen to music via this app, it learns what your music tastes are and will give you a personalized music experience. The more you listen, the more the app will learn what you like; which means more time listening to songs and less time searching. You can also download playlists for listening later offline. You can get this app for free at the iTunes Store here.

8tracks musicapps3

This app is best known for putting together great playlists that were made by fellow music lovers. There are a variety of playlists that you can use for studying, working out, getting ready, etc. You can choose from over 2 million free playlists that were curated from people all around the world. This app also comes with uninterrupted, ad free listening, unlike other radio station apps. You can download this app for free here, at the iTunes Store.

Vevo musicapps4

You might recognize Vevo as the logo on all of your favorite artist’s music videos from YouTube. In fact, almost all official music videos come from Vevo, so why not just go directly to the source to watch your favorite videos? With this app you can watch all of your favorite artists, stream live performances, and see their newest songs first. Vevo also has playlists and original content that is meant to promote undiscovered talent in most genres that you can think of. Vevo will also recommend music videos to you that it think you might like based on your music listening history. Get Vevo for free here at the iTunes Store.

Shazam musicapps5

Shazam is mostly known for identifying songs that you don’t know, but is one of the most popular music apps out there. This app is essential for any music lover who needs to be able to look up songs they might like at all times. All you need to do is open the app, tap on the button, and Shazam will hear a sound bite and display what’s playing. You can also preview songs with Apple Music and add them to third-party app playlists such as Spotify. This app also has the ability to share what songs you like on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. In addition to discovering new music, you can also quickly go to the iTunes store or Apple Music to purchase songs you like. Shazam can be downloaded here from the iTunes Store.

SoundCloud musicapps6

This free app is great for all those who really want to discover new music before it hit the charts. You can follow big artists who put out early demos or tracks out on the app, or you can search through genres for those trying to make it big. This app lets you search through trending music, follow friends who are creating music, listen to podcasts, and even comedy sound bites. There is no shortage of what this app can do for you if you truly love audio and music. You can download this app for free here at the iTunes Store.

Genius musicapps7

Genius is the go-to app for those who want to know the lyrics to any song. This app is known for having the biggest collection of song lyrics and crowd sourced musical knowledge in the world. Genius was formally known as rap genius before they decided to re-brand to just genius. You can look through thousands of song lyrics, look up what’s hot and trending in the music world, or research any type of song or artist you can think of. You also have the option to add your own knowledge of music via the app for others to read as well. This app is a great addition to your music app collection because you can really get to know a song; not to mention sing along shamelessly. Download this useful app here at the iTunes Store.

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