‘The Sims Mobile’ for iOS Includes All Features in Original PC Game

'The Sims Mobile' for iOS Includes All Features in Original PC Game

Image via EA

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Remember The Sims? Many of us have fond memories of the simulation game and soon, you can relive some of that nostalgia on your iOS device. It’s been 17 years since the first Sims debuted on the PC, and we’re finally getting a true mobile version of the game.

Publisher Electronic Arts (EA) announced on Wednesday that it would soon be releasing the truest mobile iteration of its popular simulation game: The Sims Mobile. According to the publisher the iOS and Android game will support all of the features included in the original PC version — there won’t be any corners cut or shortcuts taken as with many other PC-to-mobile ports. You can view a teaser trailer for the upcoming game below.

As with any true Sims game, you can create and customize your Sims, personalize their environments, follow your Sims family through various generations, and just generally control every aspect of their digital lives. It’s the same blend of gameplay that made the original, and its successors, so addicting and fun to play. It’s bound to be a nice break from the Candy Crush- and Clash of Clans-era of gaming that we currently inhabit.

Technically, this isn’t the first Sims game to reach mobile devices. EA previously experimented with The Sims Freeplay on iOS and Android, but that version of the popular series lacked the depth and much of the gameplay of the true PC version. Another game, The Sims Social, was released on Facebook shortly thereafter, though it suffered from the same lack of depth.

The game is expected to be free-to-play, although hopefully that won’t mean that it’s bogged down by microtransactions. Currently, no release date has been announced – though the game is already rolling out to players in Brazil. A global rollout should be coming soon, according to the publisher. You can, however, sign up for email updates for the game on EA’s website.

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