Not Another Subscription – Microsoft Office 2021 as a One Time Purchase

Just like the old times – you only pay once.
Microsoft Word on MacBook Air Credit: Romain V. / Unsplash
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Today so many businesses and products are based on subscription models. Apple Services and Apps, Netflix, Disney+, your gym — you name it. You simply can’t escape it. Even Microsoft is billing its users monthly for the 365 Suite.

The owners and executives love the predictability of their future business revenues. And who can blame them.

Go against the grain and stop renting your software. Using unreliable free solutions that aren’t cutting it is not the answer either. At this price, you really can’t afford not to pick up your own copy of the world’s leading office productivity suite. Get it here for under $70.

Microsoft Office
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Microsoft Office Lifetime License for Mac or PC

Right now, at just $69.97, you really can’t afford not to get lifetime access to Microsoft Office.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft OneNote

Keeping track of all paid services hitting your credit card monthly takes a toll on your brain too. Experts refer to this as cognitive load. If you can minimize it, it’s a net positive for your health.

Simplifying your life while saving money is a win-win approach to embrace. Buying a product one time, rather than signing up for another service, can do exactly that.

Instead of paying a monthly fee, here is your chance to own a 2021 Microsoft Office license for your Mac or Windows computer. It is a single payment for without any strings attached.

If you need more details, continue to our FAQ section below or read our in-depth review here. Get Office 2021 for Mac or Windows


Q: What’s the fine print?

A: This product is available from an Authorized Microsoft Partner and covers one (1) device license. You have to redeem the license within 30 days of purchase.

Q: Which devices can you run this 2021 MS Office on?

A: If you select a Mac license, you can run it on macOS Ventura, macOS Big Sur, or macOS Monterey. If you select a Windows license, you can run it on PCs that run Windows 10 and newer.

Q: Is this license transferable?

A: It is a single device license so you can uninstall it from one device and install it again on a new device.

Q: Can I run this license on my iPhone/iPad?

A: No, it’s only for Mac or PC – depending on your selection

Q: This deal is too good to be true, do you have user reviews?

A: This post’s comment section provides feedback from users that have previously purchased this product.

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