New iPhone for Christmas? Here Are the Apps You Need First

New iPhone for Christmas? Here Are the Apps You Need First
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Were you lucky enough to get a new iPhone for Christmas? If you’re a little late to the smartphone business, you might be wondering which apps you should get first.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of the top apps you should download to kick start your digital life. Here they are.

iPhone 6sSocial Media Apps

iDrop_FacebookProfileVideo_01What good is a smartphone if you’re not using it to keep in touch with people? There are a ton of social media apps that will likely be among the first you download from the app store.

First up is, of course, Facebook. The Facebook app for iOS allows users to do everything they would do on their computer, and even, in many cases, makes things easier. For example, it’s a lot easier to take a photo on a phone and post it to Facebook than it is to take a photo, upload it to your computer, and then post it to Facebook. It’s important to note that you will have to download the Facebook Messenger app separately, which is a great app in its own right.

Twitter is also a great app for iOS, and because of the nature of Twitter, it’s a great idea to have it on your phone. Twitter is meant to allow people to easily share small moments that they are experiencing, and it’s impossible to do that effectively if you have to run to your computer each time you think of something to share.


120914word1Perhaps the first app you should download for your productivity needs is the great Evernote, which has slowly become an extremely popular option for mobile note taking.

One of the great things about Evernote is that it’s very personal, and allows users to use it in the way that they want. Users can sync Evernotes to their account, enabling them to access their notes wherever they want, from whatever device they want, and the app can even be used as a basic word processing app.

Speaking of word processing, there’s really nothing better than Microsoft Office. Microsoft has recently been releasing a number of apps to the app store, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, all of which are great ways of keeping up with your documents, especially if you happen to have an Office 365 account. One of the great things that Microsoft’s office apps have over the competition is the review functionality, enabling users to easily review their documents and send those documents off for revision.


Crossy Road was one of the biggest games for 2015, and for good reason. The game is extremely addictive, and basically sees users, playing as a chicken, trying to cross a busy road. The further you get, the higher your score. As you go, you’ll also unlock new characters to play as. It’s basically the Flappy Bird of 2015.

If retro games aren’t your thing, there’s another road-based game you might want to consider – Real Racing 3. As the name suggests, Real Racing 3 is one of the more realistic-looking games on the App Store, especially when it comes to car racing. The game is available for free, however users will probably be faced with in-store purchases.

Media Consumption

Apple Music Could Feature High-Resolution Streaming as Early as Next YearApple Music really is the best way to listen to music on an iOS device, and thankfully, the service is already built into your phone. All you have to do now is subscribe to the music streaming portion of it, and you’ll have access to the vast majority of songs on the iTunes store.

If you generally need a more comprehensive media player, however, you might need VLC. VLC media player has long been hailed as the most fully-featured video player around, and it features support for a massive range of video codecs and formats. It also supports the playing audio files and other media, so really, if you wanted VLC could be the only media player you ever use on your iPhone. VLC will come in handy for those that sometimes get some of their media from other sources than iTunes, especially when it comes to video formats.


And that’s it! These apps will get you off to a very good start on your shiny new iPhone. Of course, you might want to head to the App Store and explore the selection for yourself too!

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