Microsoft’s Nostalgic Solitaire Card Game Is Now Available to Download on iOS and Android

Microsoft’s Nostalgic Solitaire Card Game Is Now Available to Download on iPhone
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Growing up, there was little I looked forward to more than getting out of school at the end of the day, and heading home to spend my afternoon hours playing none other than Solitaire on my Windows ’98 running COMPAQ Presario. Solitaire is such a fun and immersive, yet subtly challenging game, wouldn’t you agree? Heck, millions of players around the world still play it, even to this day — despite the game making it’s PC debut back on Windows 3.0 in 1990.

For over 25 years, Solitaire has provided an outlet for millions to soothe themselves of their imminent worries and frustrations. As a matter of fact, according to CultofMac, Microsoft’s original intention for the game was that it could help “to soothe people intimidated by the operating system” and its graphical user interface.

Well here we are, nearly a quarter-century later, and it appears that Microsoft has officially released its classic take on Solitaire for mobile devices — including iOS and Android. Microsoft Solitaire Collection is free to download from either the Apple App or Google Play Stores today, featuring the same variety of games that Windows PC aficionados have been enjoying for decades now — including Klondike, Tripeaks, Pyramid, and many more. Additionally, a one time in app purchase of just $1.99 will not only remove ads, but also unlock the app’s “Premium Edition,” which provides users the opportunity to earn double the rewards points.

Moreover, players will be able to participate in daily challenges, while Xbox Live users will be able to utilize the gaming platform’s deeper integration with mobile to enable playing the game against your friends, or acquiring Xbox Live achievement awards.

Possibly surprising to some of you, Microsoft didn’t actually “invent” Solitaire, however the company was the first to recreate an exclusive, PC-based variation of the classic card game on the Windows platform. And, of course, without Microsoft, most of us wouldn’t even know what Solitaire is, right?

So if you’re eager to relive those former memories, expending your afternoons playing Solitaire on your smartphone or tablet — instead of a Windows PC — then feel free to download Microsoft Solitaire Collection for iOS or Android today!

What’s your all-time favorite computer game? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image: 9to5Mac
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