How to Get Macro Mode without Buying the New iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Camera Credit: Hadrian / Shutterstock
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The iPhone 13 Pro models are the first to feature an Ultra Wide camera with autofocus that enables macro photography, allowing users to take quality photos as close as 2cm from the lens. Now, Halide is stepping up its camera game, announcing Halide 2.5 to its popular third-party camera app, which brings macro photography to older iPhone models with no accessories required.

If you have an iPhone 8 or a newer model, you can now see for yourself what’s so special about macro photography. Even iPhone 13 Pro models users can try out the feature to enhance their already highly-magnified camera and take breathtaking photos.

How Does It Work?

The new Halide update creates the macro photography effect by automatically checking which camera lens has the closest focus and switches to it.

Then, to guarantee professional-level sharpness, the feature provides the photographer with ultra-precise focus control all the way down to the sub-millimeter.

Finally, an AI-based detail enhancement feature called Neural Macro works its magic to enhance close-up details after the photo is taken.

Turning on the Macro mode feature in the Halide app takes two simple steps.

  1. First, tap the AF button to get into manual focus.
  2. Then tap the flower button.

Starting today, users who already have the Halide app can update to Halide 2.5 for free. However, new users must pay $2.99 per month or $11.99 per year. The app is also available for $49.99 as a one-time purchase.

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