GarageBand Now Allows Your Favorite Musicians to Share Tracks Instantly

GarageBand Now Allows Your Favorite Musicians to Share Tracks Instantly

The Mac software application, GarageBand was first announced in 2004 during Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at the Macworld Conference & Expo. Its primary purpose has always been to give users a platform through which they can create music and/or podcasts. The app comes with tools like sampled instruments, synthesizers, sound effects and more, with extra add-ons (called Jam Packs) for more loops and software instruments. It is basically a personal, intuitive music studio nestled in your computer.garageband_update_featured_image

Apple entered the streaming music competition by releasing Apple Music at the end of June. For a nominal monthly fee, Apple Music offers its listeners access to a wide variety of music and media, in addition to a social media platform called Connect, where users can interact with their favorite artists and bands. So it makes total sense that Apple is now making their music creation software program, GarageBand, integrate with the new music-streaming service in GarageBand 10.1.

GarageBand received a refresh this past week, and one of the biggest highlights is the ability for musicians to upload tracks, beats, and teasers directly from GarageBand to their fans on Connect. In this way, musicians can share singles, teasers, samples and more with their loyal followers to get feedback. It helps to foster the community aspect that Connect strives to accomplish (and what sets it apart from other music streaming services).

GarageBand’s sound was also expanded as well. The new update comes with new sounds catered towards hip-hop and EDM users, including 100 new synthesizer patches, 20 new electronic drum kits, and 1000 new loops for various instruments and music types in addition to 10 new EDM and 10 new Hip Hop virtual drummers. There’s even a new Transform Pad, a tool divided into eight sections that gives users the ability to transform sounds in real-time.garageband_update_2

And for those consumers with new MacBooks and MacBook Pros, Apple has incorporated Force Touch into GarageBand, too. Force Touch technology will let the user vary the strength of different tools depending on the type of press they use on the Mac’s trackpad. It is just one more way that Apple it capitalizing on the Force Touch technology that makes their Apple Watch and new trackpads so desirable.

GarageBand is included with all new MacBooks, but you can also purchase the app from the App Store for only $4.99.


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