Four iPhone Apps That Could Save Your Life

Four iPhone Apps That Could Save Your Life

It has often been said that you don’t have anything if you don’t have your health. The more our technology evolves, the more it can be used to track and monitor our health.

In fact, wearable devices and portable devices make this easier than ever for health management. From oncoming flu symptoms to heart attack issues, situations happen that can leave you confused and panicked.

Luckily, apps play a huge part in preventing and assisting in these dire situations. Here we review the four best health apps that help you maintain your health, and could even save your life.


Heart issues are something that can affect everyone. No one is immune to heart failures, and often times they can strike without warning. This is why we love the myZIO app – a heart-monitoring app that takes some of the stress of the unknown away.

This based on iRhythm’s ZIO system, which monitors and records any irregular heartbeat systems. This iOS app is paired a wearable device that will log and monitor heart beats and send this information to a physician. You can enter your symptoms, view your symptom history, as well as have access to education information about cardiac health.

This app will also give you reminders with the patch and help you with any issues you may have in monitoring your heart. Most importantly this app will seriously help prevent heart problems before they become serious. You can get this app here for free at the iTunes Store.


iosllife3How unfortunate would it be if you were to get the flu right before your big vacation? Or worse yet, what if you spread this flu to your loved ones, making the whole family immobile.

For those of you who worry about sickness spreading in your area, the FluView app will prove extremely useful to you. This app created by the Center for Disease Control allows users to look up flu-like illness activity and levels all across the country.

FluView tracks information received from Flu Surveillance Networks, which will show you different statistics on flu activity such as percent of outpatient visits and any trending state health department activity. With this app you can be extra cautious with your family when traveling and prevent any flu infections from running your holiday. Don’t fall victim to the flu virus this year and download this free app here at the iTunes Store.


iosllife4For those who want to be more proactive in drugs and medicine, this app could be just the help you need.

MedWatcher is a free iPhone app will alert patients about recalls and side effects related to medications that they are taking. This app was designed by the Food and Drug Administration and will make it easier for patients to stay up-to-date on news about particular drugs and medicine. This app will also allow you to report any symptoms or side effects that are directly related to any medicine you are taking, ultimately making medical products safer for everyone.

The descriptions of the drugs are easy to read, describe the known side effects, as well as how long this product has been on the market. Not only is this app helpful for being aware of what medicine you are taking, but it advocates patients being more involved in their own health. Download this free app here at the iTunes Store.

iTriage – Health, Doctor, Symptoms and Healthcare search

iosllife5One of the most highly rated health apps in existence is iTriage – and for good reason. For all things health including doctors, symptoms, medical locations, etc. this app is what you need. If you are traveling and need instant and fast answers, iTriage is going to save the day.

This app puts patients in the center of their healthcare, making it easy to seek advice about various medical situations. With over 1 million providers of healthcare, this app is like the yellow pages for all things health. You can search for symptoms, looking up potential causes, find a doctor quickly, or even look up the closest medical emergency center wherever you are. You also have the option to save all of your personal medical information, insurance, disease, and medications, making it easier to get help. You will be surprised at how often you use this app and how useful it can prove to be.

Overall, this app helps get more information out to patients so they can make informed medical decisions. Download this free app here at the iTunes Store.

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