Five Apps to Help Ease You Back To School

Five Apps to Help Ease You Back To School
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It’s official; summer is over and the time for going back to school has begun. With all of the back to school shopping and learning new routines, getting back into the swing of things can be difficult. Luckily, there are a ton of apps that can help ease you back into school and student life. Whether you are starting a new university, or are a parent helping your kid get prepared for student life, we have an app for you.



When it comes to back to school shopping, going to various stores can be both time consuming and expensive. Before you start mentally prepping yourself for a long day of running around and running errands, install this app first.

Varagesale is the equivalent of a huge neighborhood garage sale where you can get secondhand items right from the people in your neighborhood. You can feel reassured that you are buying safely from people in your neighborhood, as well as saving cash.

This app is similar to the app called Nextdoor, but focuses more on trying to buy, sell, and trade. You can find barely-used school uniforms, textbooks, sports gear, and so much more. If your child suddenly remembers an important item that you need tomorrow, this app could help save the day. You can download this app here for free.



Everyone can agree, homework is not always easy. This can be true of both students and parents. Luckily, there is an app that will help you with tutoring services.

Sesh is the on-demand service that will help students ace their test and write amazing essays. You can be sure that you are getting the best one-on-one monitoring possible thanks to the app’s strict review processes.

Sesh will connect college students with their peer tutors at their university with scheduled tutoring sessions. These tutors have aced the exact courses needed by students and can be requested any time of the day. The app has rates as low as $25 per hour, and the app is free to download. You can download Sesh at the iTunes store here.



Evernote is a great app for helping you manage your to-do list and ensuring you stay productive. With this app you can record a voice note on-the-go for reminders, important tasks for your child, or even keep track of all the items you need to buy for back to school shopping.

Everyone can access the notes on all family devices, so there is a complete transparency with what needs to be done. Evernote is also compatible with the Apple Watch and can transcribe audio notes for you to remember, as well as set reminders, and send notifications to you in the future.

Evernote is an essential app for getting yourself organized for all things school related. You can download this here for either $2.99 a month or for $5.99 a month for premium.



Slack has been called one of the best apps for workplace collaboration and is very simple to use. You can create different chat rooms, for different topics and purposes, and the members of each chat will be notified whenever a discussion is happening.

You can use this app for communicating during a group project, sharing assignment ideas, or sending important links. This can all be accessible by your iPhone or Mac.

Slack is easy to search through and includes integration with Google Drive and Dropbox. This app can help improve group communication for anything that is school related. You can download slack here for free.



Traveling to and from school or waiting in-between classes can leave you with a lot of free time for studying. Perhaps you want your brain to stay sharp and optimize your time between classes by listening to podcasts about different important and interesting topics.

Overcast has a simple interface and will let you find new or specific podcasts that you can listen to on any iOS device. Features include Voice Boost, Smart Playlists, and Speed control. You also have the option to download podcasts, so you can listen to them offline if you don’t have a constant Wi-Fi connection.

This app is also compatible with Apple Watch as well as CarPlay so there’s no shortage of how to listen. This app will be make time fly by between classes. You can download this app here for free, but can updated to the premium for $4.99 at the iTunes Store.

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