Early Look at ‘Todoist’ – a To-Do App for the Apple Watch

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The release of the Apple Watch is coming close, and with it comes a host of news, rumors, and speculations concerning the functionality of the device. Rumor has it that Apple is asking some developers to have their apps ready by to ship this month – and we’re beginning to get a glimpse of just what apps on the wearable will look like.

Todoist, creators of the to-do list and task manager app of the same name, have released a teaser glance of their app for the Apple Watch. Simple and to the point, the app focuses much less on complex graphics and features, and more on delivering only the necessary information to accommodate the smaller screen size. The app is very efficient in displaying tasks and their details, and you can access a surprising amount of data using just the watch (including postponing scheduled tasks or marking them as completed). This app alone is a good representation of just how useful the Apple Watch may prove to be.

Several other companies have released teaser images of how their app will look on the watch (Instagram and Uber are notable examples), but this is the first video we’ve seen that exhibits the app’s functionality. Hopefully more teasers hit the web in advance of the watch’s release in April.

The Todoist Apple Watch teaser can be viewed on YouTube at http://youtu.be/T0mEAS53n-c

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