Canopy Offers a Better Amazon Experience


We here at iDropNews love Amazon. Really, most tech junkies love Amazon. What we don’t love is Amazon’s interface – especially the interface on their mobile app. With the millions of products Amazon offers, navigating through the clutter can be an exercise in futility.

Enter Canopy – Amazon’s endless stream of products simplified and personalized to each user. Created by a group of former Google designers, Canopy works as a personalized curator, organizing the jumble of products available on Amazon into an aesthetically pleasing collection of products that have been hand-picked by Canopy’s staff.

Canopy essentially turns Amazon into a curated boutique store. Each product is hand-picked by Canopy’s staff, and the presentation is beautiful. The products are displayed in a Pinterest-style layout, and each product offers beautiful custom photography, several related items, comments, and a link to the product on Amazon. Users can shop by category or brand, or they can browse recommended items by the Canopy staff or other users who offer recommendations that pique your interest.

Since discovering Canopy, I’ve found that I tend to use it almost exclusively to browse Amazon. While you may not find every little useless knick-knack that Amazon offers on Canopy, it really improves the Amazon shopping experience.

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