Best Tax Preparation Apps

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April 15th is drawing nearer which means that it’s crunch time for those who still haven’t filed their taxes. Whatever company you choose to help you prepare your taxes probably has an app. Most of these apps will sync with a return you’ve started online. This way you can work on your taxes on the go and finish on your computer whenever it’s convenient. Here we lay out the best tax preparation apps you can download to simplify the burden completing your taxes.

One Receipt

One Receipt is a free app that will store all of your email and paper receipts so you can easily find them when it comes to filing your taxes. Use this app to take photos of your paper receipts and store them in the cloud for easy access. Email receipts have the ability to be added from your email account automatically. This app can also generate a monthly spending summary which can be great feature for after tax season.


When it comes to taxes, there are often confusing questions that aren’t easily answered by someone who isn’t an expert. With this free tax app you can submit your own questions and get instant free answers to thousands of tax and accounting questions.  You can also search the “ASK A CPA ARCHIVES” by category to find questions that have already been answered. You can also use the “FIND A CPA” feature to find a certified tax expert in your zip code.

Turbo tax

This free mobile app makes it easy for any person to file their taxes. You can start free and pay once you file your return. This app works by snapping a photo of your W-2 and asking you questions about your life. You can even start this on your computer and continue filing on your mobile device. There is secure access on any device which makes for seamlessly switching between tablet, computer, or mobile phone. The app also double-checks as you go so you are sure your taxes are done right.


The most official tax filing app was created by the IRS.This free government funded app is the official app of the Internal Revenue Service. You can use IRS2GO to check your refund status, find free tax preparation assistance, as well as sign up for tax tips. You can connect with the IRS however you want by following them on Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube.

My Block by HRB Tax Group Inc.

Another way to file your taxes simply is with the H&R Block app. This app asks you easy questions, estimates your tax refund, and helps you check the status of your Federal tax refund. You can upload your documents and send them to your tax pro, look up previous tax returns, and also stay informed with any changes that may impact your tax situation. This app is a great way to get started on your taxes, not to mention it’s free.

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