Best 2016 Election Apps: Stay Up-to-Date With Your Favorite Candidates

Best 2016 Election Apps: Stay Up-to-Date With Your Favorite Candidates
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With the 2016 primary cycle still months away, it’s safe to say that the impending election is already shaping up to be the most interesting and, need I say, entertaining, in recent history.


A wide-field of candidates from each party, coupled with controversies and oftentimes bombastic blunders ensures there’s no shortage of news to report on when it comes to anything and everything presidential election 2016.

With that sentiment in mind, we’ve compiled a short list of the top 2016 election apps to help you stay up to date, in-the-know, and even-behind-the-scenes when it comes to news and views centric to the upcoming presidential election.

1. FrontRunner

FrontRunner is a party-based, statistical analysis application that provides an up to date assessment of who’s who, and where they currently stand in the race for their party’s nomination.

Upon downloading the app, you can select either Republican or Democrat, which will provide the most accurate assessment of where your preferred candidate stands in terms of national, %/100 rankings. The app is FREE in the App store, and allows the following of one party. For a nominal fee of $1.99, you can stay up to date on both sides of the playing field, if you so desire.

2. FOX NEWS Election HQ 2016

FOX News, though a predominantly conservative news outlet, recently launched the FOX News Election HQ 2016 app, which it’s touting as “the only fair and balanced app that gives you the power to decide.”

Never miss out on new developments with notifications that can be enabled at your discretion, and stay involved with the latest and greatest by interacting with and scoring candidates on Social Media based on their debate performance. The app also offers up a wide selection of video content, candidate interviews, news and commentary. Get the app, here.

3. allPolitics

allPolitics is another, non-partisan news source for political spectators. Offering perspectives, commentary, and recent news from both the Left and Right, allPolitics is a premier news source when it comes to anything 2016. Get the app, here.

Of course, in addition to these apps there are plenty of standalone news outlets that provide up-to-date content around the clock. However, if iOS is your primary means of reading the news or accessing digital content, and your interests are largely political, then the aforementioned applications should be sufficient to meet your needs.

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