Apple Will Finally Allow Gifting of iOS In-App Purchases to Friends, Family

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While Apple already allows iOS users to purchase and send apps to other iOS users as gifts, according to the company’s official App Store Review Guidelines (which were updated earlier this week), Apple will now allow developers to implement an option for users to gift in-app content as well.

The company’s updated terms allowing the gifting of in-app content (such as coins, tokens, power-ups, unlocked or premium features and exclusives, etc.) are reflected in the official App Store Review Guidelines as shown below:

Previously: ”Apps should not directly or indirectly enable gifting of in-app purchase content, features, or consumable items to others.” 

As of Wednesday, 12/19: ”Apps may enable gifting of items that are eligible for in-app purchase to others. Such gifts may only be refunded to the original purchaser and may not be exchanged.”

While it’s not yet clear how the gifting of in-app content will differ, procedurally speaking, with relation to how entire applications are presently gift-able, it’s likely that Apple will in some way update its App Store interface giving developers the option to implement these features at a later time.

When? We’re not sure at this time, unfortunately. But given that the update was published just this week, it’s likely that Apple is working on it already.

How Do I Gift Apps?

  1. Presently, you can gift Apps [in their entirety] to other users via the App Store by simply tapping on the three dots icon located next to a paid app’s price.
  2. Then tap “Gift App” (of the three ensuing menu options) to initiate the app-gifting process.
How To Gift Apps

Gifting apps to friends or family is always a great way to surprise them, and right now, you can score up to $20 in FREE App Store credit pursuant with the company’s latest, ‘hidden’ promotion.

However as more and more premium titles arrive on App Store shelves featuring free-to-try or subscription-based interfaces, Apple’s updated rules allowing the gifting of in-app content couldn’t be “coming soon” at a better time.

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